First Impressions: Le Prunier Plumscreen SPF 31

A few weeks ago, I chatted my friend Floriana (aka @fromthebullet on IG but also peek at her blog here) about her thoughts on the Le Prunier Plumscreen™. Since I trust her opinion implicitly, I wanted to check in to be sure the product wouldn’t feel too heavy on my combination skin during the day. After all, this newness comes from the makers of Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil, a gorgeous face oil – but something I’m not able to incorporate into my AM routine. I mean I could try to, but I’d look like a glazed ham.

Almost four years ago, I was very impressed with the Le Prunier oil. I shared my thoughts on the blog in this post. At the time, Neiman Marcus had partnered with Indie Beauty Expo and had proudly offered some of their noteworthy clean formulas in select stores and online. Since this partnership is no longer, you’ll have to turn to online retailers like Aillea, Beauty Heroes, or Credo for your Le Prunier fix. And you will want to try their Plumscreen™  SPF 31. Trust me. 

What is it?

The beauty of this particular formula is its multitasking performance. It’s truly a facial moisturizer and sunscreen in one. So yes, while the initial glance at the $78 price tag may give you pause, this substitutes for my daytime face cream and separate SPF without cutting any corners. It requires fewer application steps, which I actually prefer. Since I opt for Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid serum during the day, I layer on either successfully before applying my Plumscreen™ . Bonus perk for the chic metal tube packaging, which protects the integrity and stability of ingredients.

What’s in it?

Let’s address the UV filter first and re-assure anyone with a strong preference for mineral formulas. Plumscreen uses 4.7% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide to prevent and protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Infused with the brand’s proprietary Plum Superfruit Complex™, this antioxidant packed moisturizer aims to ward off environmental aggressors (like blue light) that may speed up the breakdown of collagens. And while I am not particularly worried about the negative effects of blue light on our skin (research shows it can affect our sleep cycle or eye sight longterm moreso), I appreciate the extra protection against free radical damage. Another ingredient highlight, Zonaria Tournefortii Extract, is a brown algae with impressive anti-aging, moisturizing, and brightening properties. 

Application, etc

In a word: a dream. Applying the Le Prunier Plumscreen™  SPF31 is seriously dreamy. What I feared the most is a rich creamy texture that would feel heavy. No, and no. This is a lightweight, creamy, almost lotion-like formula with a slightly grey hue and a beautiful, albeit subtle almond aroma. Not only does it absorb beautifully into the skin leaving behind a natural yet slightly glowy finish, it is a dream when it comes to blending along the hairline or my stubble (and prominent brows). Unlike many mineral sunscreens, this one sets in less than a minute. There is no white cast, purple sheen, nor pilling (and I did re-apply it in the afternoon). I haven’t had this strong a first impression in quite a while. This is a winner.

$78 (60ml) at

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