The Violet Grey Spring Sale Event (And My Picks!)

If you held off during the Sephora sale back in April… I am impressed by your strong will. And as they say, good things come to those who wait. Starting today, one of my favorites (and possibly the best curated) online retailers, Violet Grey, is running a pretty tempting savings event. To help you stay focused, I‘ve rounded up a handful of picks I reach for regularly during my routine. These also just happen to be excellent additions to your summer self-care wardrobe. Some very prestigious brands are included. Have fun and don’t wait too long–the promo ends May 29th. No discount code is necessary. 

Reflekt Daily Exfoliating Face Wash (25% off)

Everyone needs a does-it-all daily cleanser and the Reflekt 1 formula is just that. It’s a low-foaming, non-drying, pH-balanced, and acid-free face wash that gently exfoliates with perfectly round (and quite moisturizing) Jojoba Esters. Truly a joy to use, you may even reach for it twice a day. I can’t speak for how it will tackle a full face of makeup, but it has been quite effective at removing every speck of my tinted sunscreen. I’m a huge fan of the subtle and clean botanical scent. $34 (150ml) and $26 during the sale

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Cloths (25% off)

Fact: these are the ultimate travel must-haves. Made from certified organic cotton, these Japanese cleansing towelettes are infused with Yumura Hot Springs Water, White Birch Sap, Arginine, and herbal extracts to deliver a gentle yet deep cleanse on-the-go. Incredibly soft yet sturdy, these perfectly saturated cloths remove all traces of dirt, grime, oil, makeup, and sunscreen. My skin not only feels super clean but also seriously refreshed. Yes, these are pretty pricey which is why getting them during a 25% off sale is the right thing to do. $62 for a 3 pack of 10 and $47 during the sale

Royal Fern Essence (25% off)

If you’ve followed me for a bit, you know this one ranks at the tippy top of my favorite liquid steps. The Royal Fern Essence hydrates (Glycerin), micro-exfoliates (Malic and Lactic Acids), as well as brightens and protects the skin from light-induced skin aging (thanks to the iconic Royal Fern Extract). I either pat it directly into the skin or apply it with a cotton pad for boosted surface traction, especially around my nose and chin. There is absolutely no tingle or redness, and my combination skin thrives when I use it once a day. $85 (200ml) and $64 during the sale

Eighth Day Regenerative Serum (20% off)

Probably the most splurge-worthy treatment serum in my skincare arsenal, Eighth Day has nothing short of impressed me with their results-driven formulas. Powered by the brand’s proprietary blend of 24 bioidentical synthetic peptides, growth factors, amino acids, and Hyaluronic Acid coined Peptide-Rich Plasma, this powerhouse addresses concerns from dullness through redness to loss of firmness.The liquigel serum glides on the skin like a dream and layers seamlessly with my sunscreen during the day and with a richer moisturizer at night.  Staying consistent with your application is key but I’ve noticed visible results in just a few short weeks. A real gem. $325 (30ml) and $260 during the sale

RéVive Intensité Complete Anti-Aging Eye Serum (25% off)

During warmer months, all my undereye area needs is a lightweight serum. At almost 43 years old however, that same skin around my eyes benefits from any anti-aging perk I can find in addition to plumping hydration. This RéVive eye serum has a lightweight, lotion-like texture and absorbs quickly, which leaves the skin feeling firmer and looking brighter after only a single application. And while the instant smoothness is undeniable, it also re-contours the hollows and lightens shadowy areas over time. It contains an impressive number of peptides: Allantoin, Kombucha Black Tea Ferment, Turmeric and Red Seaweed Extracts. Among their eye care formulas RéVive offers (and I do have them all), this one is by far my favorite. A true all-in-one. $285 (15ml) and $215 during the sale

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

Before you ask: yes, it’s worth the hype. This truly is the be-all and end-all of moisturizers, a seamless blend of high-tech and luxe. I’ve been using The Rich Cream since its launch and was thrilled with the subtle tweak that qualified the formula as vegan a few years ago. The first thing I noticed? Its silky texture. Less rich than you’d imagine (this being a good thing), it delivers the perfect dose of nourishing comfort combined with cell rejuvenating properties courtesy of the brand’s TFC8 complex. I credit this miracle as one of a very few topicals that has my skin looking better at 40+ than it did in my 30s. $290 (50ml) and $218 during the sale

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

In a word iconic, this creamy mask is my trusted go-to for recovering after a long travel day or a very-late-and-very-fun night. Since it’s pricey, I use it as a moisturizer that I apply generously while desperately boosting its magic with a gua-sha or face roller. Since purchasing my first tube almost ten years ago, I continue to be amazed with this formula’s calming, refreshing, and glow boosting properties. Not typically a fan of some rose scented skincare, I don’t mind the faint, mind-soothing aroma. I appreciate the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask on those rough mornings, aromatherapy and all. $190 (50ml) and $143 during the sale 

Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask

If you’re not feeling the Sisley price point, this Chantecaille mask is an excellent solution for compromised skin in need of some TLC. Packed with healing and soothing plant extracts (including, you guessed it, Jasmine and Lily), this lightweight formula is brilliant at cooling and rebalancing the skin after overexposure to the elements. The glass jar is beautiful, but too weighty for travel, so this sinkside summer addition is my usual go-to after long days in the sun. It’s a tad less creamy than Sisley but also makes for a great overnight moisturizer. $98 (50ml) and $74 during the sale

ISDIN sunscreen

You know which country has the best sunscreens? You may not, but I can tell you this. Pick any place outside the US and you’ll be right. I first discovered ISDIN in an Italian pharmacy but the brand is actually headquartered in Spain. You can’t find many of the brand’s SPF formulas Stateside, but their two most popular all-mineral Eryfotona versions (tinted and non-tinted) are here, and recently, Violet Code approved. These sunscreens have an emulsion-like consistency and blend flawlessly, leaving a natural-looking radiant finish. I’m partial to the tinted one and consider it to be among the best sunscreens out there for everyday use. $60 and $70 (100ml each) for tinted and non-tinted respectively and $45 and $63 during the sale

Necessaire Deodorant Gel

Unlike other gel deodorants that I’ve tried, this one is fast-drying, non-sticky, works like a dream at controlling odor, and keeps me dry. Without even a trace of aluminum or baking soda. Since the formula includes 5% AHA concentration (Mandelic and Lactic Acids) as well as Niacinamide, it also helps with hyperpigmentation issues. And if you shave, the addition of Glycerin and Chamomile Extract will comfort and soothe any potential irritation. $15 (50ml) and $11 during the sale

U Beauty Resurfacing Body Compound

I am still in awe of this U Beauty launch. This is a thick gel that doesn’t smell great and doesn’t feel all that luxe, but boy does it smooth out imperfect looking skin. Anywhere on your body. Whether you’re struggling with flaky/ashy knees or elbows, or pesky discoloration, this blend of AHA, BHA, and fruit enzymes will turn things around in a couple of weeks. One of our cats is a biter and the back of my right hand has been looking a bit rough; after 5 applications, the red spots from constant healing are fading away. It does take a few minutes to absorb so plan your night time application accordingly. $128 (200ml) and 102 during the sale

Homecourt Neroli Hand Wash

Since taking care of our living space is, of course, an extension of self-care, Homecourt is my go-to, and a line I really cherish. Each product looks and smells absolutely stunning. Most importantly, these formulas are impressively efficacious. It will come as no surprise that Neroli Leaf is my favorite ancillary. In true Monica Geller fashion, I derive legit pleasure from washing pots and pans with the Homecourt dish soap. My reconnect however, is for the Hand Wash, a product I’m now reaching for most often. It’s beautifully scented, doesn’t dry out my hands, and looks stunning at the kitchen sink. Consider it for the most perfect hostess gift at your upcoming summer dinner parties. I’m stocking up. $30 (16 oz) and $23 during the sale

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