Jones Road Launches Oil-Free Moisturizer

Known for its inclusive-of-all-skin-tones range of makeup, Jones Road is now catering to all skin types with the line of skincare. Launching today, the Oil-Free Moisturizer joins the Miracle Cream and Light Moisture Cream options, officially satisfying those of us who prefer more lightweight choices, especially during the recent heatwave. As a fan of Bobbi’s no-nonsense approach to skincare and her seamless connection between efficacy and aesthetic, I was pretty excited to receive a bottle pre-release. After a week of incorporating it into my skincare routine in a number of ways, I am back with thoughts!

Perfect for normal, combination, and oily skin types.

52ml of lightweight moisture

The glass bottle is gorgeous.

What is it?

The new Oil-Free Moisturizer is a straightforward, lotion-like formula that delivers both hydration and moisture without feeling heavy or greasy. It’s completely unscented. The texture is somewhere between gel and lotion, not quite runny, but definitely one that works best with the pump dispenser that accompanies it. And speaking of, the glass bottle simply bears the Jones Road logo and its heft definitely gives it a high-end feel. In short, it’s giving luxury. 

Unlike Miracle Balm, the new Oil-Free Moisturizer is NOT dewy.

Great addition to my Jones Road arsenal.

What’s in it?

The new Jones Road moisturizer is water-based, and as the name implies, is oil-free. It is not, however, the whipped and airy borderline weightless hydrator one might expect. The formula contains Glycerin and Squalane, which add incredibly to the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Always on my radar, Niacinamide is also present and ready to help with the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Also in the INCI spotlight are Ginger Water and Water Lily Flower Extract, both known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. This particular duo is also great at correcting hyperpigmentation-related imperfections. 

Lightweight and lovely.

Mixes great with Vit C powder, gel bronzer, shimmer oil.

How I use it

As a general rule, my combination skin does well with just a targeted serum during the day (usually a Vitamin C formula) under sunscreen; I rarely use a non-SPF moisturizer during the day. There is an undeniable practical easiness to Jones Road products and this moisturizer is no exception. If you want to layer it under sunscreen, it won’t pill. It can also double as a makeup primer. I’m currently trying the new-to-me (but loved by everyone else for years) True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster powder and find that it mixes really well with this formula. 

Bonus tips on how else I use it

Recently, we’ve had our share of foggy, gloomy days with a UV index of 1. While I know that wearing sunscreen daily is important, I’ve been using the new Oil-Free Moisturizer mixed with Gel Bronzer in Medium (for a touch of color), and Shimmer Face Oil in Pink Opal (for a bit of glow) these past few days. I am actually tempted to try it with other shades of Shimmer Oil because that combo… what a surprise! I’m also beyond excited to use up the darker hue of Gel Bronzer because I wear Light on a day-to-day basis. 

$38 (50ml) at

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