Revea — My Hyper-Custom Skincare Routine

Based on fifteen years in the beauty industry, I know the importance of finding an effective skincare regimen. There’s been plenty of trial and error, which too many times resulted in disappointment and money not-well-spent. When I first heard of Revea and its high-tech approach to formulating hyper-customized treatment formulas, I admit to being intrigued by the concept. A results-driven system that slots seamlessly into your existing cleanser and sunscreen staples is quite freeing. A product trio that removes the guesswork and addresses a bespoke range of your unique skincare concerns? Yes, please!

This post is sponsored by Revea. All opinions are my own.

What is it?

Revea is a targeted system that addresses and corrects a wide range of imperfections with the long term goal of coaxing your skin to its optimal health. Using advanced photo imaging technology (something that has been used in the medical field for years), it calculates the most efficient pathway to achieving the goals for your skin, based on a simple face scan on your smartphone. 

The process uses six parameters to evaluate the skin: barrier, tone, texture, redness, vitality, and firmness. The brand’s diagnostic system is based on studies conducted with over 30,000 individuals and billions of data points related to skin physiology. With their ability to custom formulate 3,000+ varieties of a treatment serum, you can feel confident your personalized system is laser-focused on results.

I spent an hour chatting with Chaz, one of Revea’s Co-Founders, and wished my passion for skincare matched his passion for technology. When he says, “No other company is investing in this level of technology to improve the skincare journey,” he’s not kidding around. In my years of exploring the landscape of the beauty industry, I have yet to see anything this intriguing. I continue to be amazed by the concept and by its potential.

How does it work?

You begin the assessment process on the Revea website. First, you answer a few basic questions. Next, look into the camera lens, tilt your head according to the instructions they provide, and ensure you’re positioned in natural light to enable the technology to capture images properly. Helpful tip: stand in front of a window. This high-tech at home consult already saves you from trying countless products that ‘sound good’ but may or may not be the right fit in the long run. Luckily, you are only a few clicks away from a hyper-customized trifecta of formulas, just waiting to address and correct your very specific skincare needs. 

The Revea custom prescription results in a duo of serums (one for the morning, one at night) alongside a moisturizer. The latter is formulated not only to enhance the treatment steps, but comes in a variety of textures to fit your preference. You can choose from a melting cream, water-in-oil formula, water gel or an oil-free gel. This trio will last 90 days, after which you re-scan your face for possible formula tweaks. The following shipment contains eco-friendly refills of each step. Side note: the green packaging aesthetic is very pleasing. 

So, is this your new routine?

The serums and moisturizer are the treatment pillars in your skincare routine. Its flexibility is among the reasons I find Revea so alluring. More than likely, you already have a favorite cleanser. Personally, I rotate my face wash, depending on the time of year, and my skin’s seasonal preferences. Additionally, we’re all extremely particular about our daily sunscreens. Revea is designed to fit into your existing habits and elevates self-care efforts with gentle yet powerful formulas. 

What about the ingredients?

Revea helps cut through the overwhelming industry marketing and helps you discover safe and effective options. Having vetted the gamut of available compounds, the company works with a tight edit of 30 science-backed actives that are as effective as they are gentle.

And, since most of us hardly savor obsessing over specific Vitamin C esters or Vitamin A derivatives, this unique approach prioritizes everyone’s skin safety and opts for only the safest ingredients. Instead of conventional retinoids, which many find too aggressive, Revea uses the much-studied and impressively effective Bakuchiol, a plant alternative. 

Regarding the promise of brighter skin, the ultra stable and oil-soluble Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate is the only form of Vitamin C you’ll encounter.  And my personal favorite: encapsulated Salicylic Acid to ensure the gentle exfoliation reaches deep within the pore to prevent congestion and buildup of dead cells. Using only science-backed and extensively researched ingredients, Revea zooms in on the most effective antioxidants, peptides, and botanical extracts available. Each formula is also free of dyes, silicones, and fragrance. The ingredient library section on the website is a helpful tool for those curious about INCI particulars.

User Experience

I’m no skincare novice by any stretch of the imagination, so I approached my Revea adventure with equal parts skepticism and intrigue. I reminded myself not to expect a quick fix nor overnight results. In the world of beauty, which is so often hard divided between anti-aging and well-aging, Revea offers a comprehensive treatment system that focuses on our complexion’s long term health. Think of it as age-proofing. You are looking to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Each application is at the same time repairing, restoring, and protecting the skin barrier to ensure we look our best, longer. 

My initial scan resulted in a protocol of AM serum to tackle loss of energy and hydration, and PM serum to address and improve surface texture. I also chose my Skin Restoring Moisturizer in No.21, aka gel cream texture. The distinctly formulated treatment serums quite literally divide and conquer to address skin imperfections. 

My Revea Routine

The AM formula is powered by anti-inflammatory Gardenia Fruit Extract, which is a great source of Ferulic Acid, as well as Bakuchiol and Vitamin C. My overnight treatment step contains Benthi Plant Peptides—a retinol alternative that stimulates the production of collagen—alongside Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich Green Microalgae Extract. Both serums have silky, almost creamy textures and absorb quickly into the skin. During the day, I can easily get away with just sunscreen over the AM formula. 

Crucial to a proper skincare routine, the moisturizer seals all treatment benefits and delivers a dose of comforting moisture and hydration. Since I opted for a more lightweight version, I can use the No.21 formula either day or night on my congestion-prone combination skin. No matter which texture you select, every formula contains an antioxidant power couple as the common denominator: Niacinamide and Gamma-Oryzanol. Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) has been shown not only to improve skin barrier health, but also to brighten dull, uneven tone, and refine the look of enlarged pores. Japanese rice-derived Gamma Oryzanol reduces the impact of environmental aggressors and shields the skin from further UV damage. Pro tip: do not skip the moisturizer step! 

New: Boosters

Whether you’re an ambitious skincare enthusiast or simply looking to implement a minor tweak to your routine, you may want to explore the just-launched targeted boosters. These AM and PM serums are focused on a couple of core concerns but you may want to tackle a specific issue more assertively (dehydration, for example) or consider a preventative approach (loss of firmness) with these new additions. It’s also a great way to improve your skincare strategy without disrupting your existing routine.

The new Revea boosters are tailored to complement your custom treatment serums and are available in daytime and nighttime options. For day, the choices are Brightening, Replenishing, Soothing, and Energizing. Overnight formulas include Resurfacing, Strengthening, Firming, and Sculpting. You can either layer or mix these with your bespoke AM and PM serums–either way, you now ramp up performance without compromising the skin barrier or risking potential irritation. 

Final thoughts

Whether you are a ‘system’ person or not, Revea offers a flexible yet cohesive treatment plan. Love your double cleanse? Perfect, keep it. Not ready to part ways with your acid toner? No problem. Can’t give up that face oil at bedtime? You don’t have to. Keep your bookend formulas (for me, that’s face wash and sunscreen) and introduce the Revea Customized Serums to address long term complexion related goals. Searching for effective and affordable treatment serums can be exhausting and most of us get no pleasure from the process. Keep in mind that consistency is key and while transformative, Revea’s tailored formulas work best the longer you use them. 

Visit where the 90-day supply of serums (30ml x 2) and moisturizer (50ml) is $195 with a new customer 20% off code (feel free to use OMGBART20). The boosters are optional $65 (30ml) each.

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