REN PHA Exfoliating Facial Review

New REN PHA Exfoliating Facial packaging.

This will be a quick one. REN recently expanded on their radiance range (the orange packaging for anyone visual like me) and launched the PHA Exfoliating Facial. Paired alongside the ever-popular daily AHA toner and the iconic Glycol Lactic Mask, this new treatment is your boost button to achieve that Spring glow. And, if you found the above duo a little too potent, this brand-new addition is perfect for you, even if you have sensitive skin. Exclusive 20% off discount code included at the end of the post!

REN PHA facial peel mask in your skincare routine.

What is this REN facial all about?

The new PHA facial is a 2-minute rinse-off treatment that uses chemical, enzymatic, and physical exfoliants to gently resurface and buff away dead cell build-up. It is a creamy mask with a slight grit that dries quickly and rinses off easily. Since this peel is incredibly fast-acting, it makes for an excellent emergency treatment on mornings when you wake up with more dull looking skin than you like. 

REN PHA face mask ingredients.

What’s in the new REN mask?

The creamy base of the new REN PHA Facial is a blend of skin softening Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter. Smooth and spreadable, the formula is infused with Polyhydroxy Acid (derived from the Prickly Pear fruit) as well as Pomegranate Enzymes and Powder to amplify the product’s gentle exfoliating efforts. The combination of mechanical friction with acidic and enzymatic resurfacing activity ensures remarkable results after a single application. I can attest that this new launch never feels drying, revives my skin, and delivers a subtle citrus aroma that adds an energizing perk. 

REN PHA exfoliating facial mask.

What are Polyhydroxy Acids?

Part of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family, PHA has a significantly larger sized molecule than Glycolic Acid. Because of this molecular structure, Polyhydroxy Acid cannot penetrate beyond the upper-most layer of the skin. By limiting its dead-cell-dissolving activity to the very top of the skin’s surface, it remains gentle and non-irritating. If your skin tends to be reactive (red, peeling, etc) while using other resurfacing acids, PHA won’t trigger any of these sensitivities. In other words, the new REN facial is the perfect pick for absolutely anyone.

REN PHA facial mask texture on skin.

How to use the REN PHA facial?

Since the new REN mask works quickly, I reach for it on mornings when I want to look a bit more fresh. I apply a small dollop to slightly damp skin, massage it in, concentrating on flaky or congestion-prone areas, and leave it on for up to 2 minutes. Sometimes, I massage it into dry skin for a few seconds before adding water, which activates and neutralizes enzymatic exfoliation. My one suggestion is to rinse the PHA Facial off in the shower as the tiny powder bits don’t dissolve. I like to ensure that every trace is removed from my eyebrows and hairline–something a washcloth can’t fully deliver, unfortunately. 

REN PHA Exfoliating Facial paired with everyday broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must.
Make sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen after using an exfoliant.

In conclusion

In short, this REN launch is excellent. If you’re looking for an exfoliant that is gentle and works spectacularly well, this is it. The new PHA Facial can be used 2-3 times a week, and I am already done with my first tube. I have no doubt I’ll be bringing this one with me on most summer trips since my complexion needs all the help it can get whenI travel. 

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