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Best winter scents 2024.

Similar to making some skincare switches when the weather gets cooler, my fragrance wardrobe undergoes a significant shift in winter months. I gravitate toward richer and more comforting scents, especially on any day in which we hit single digits. Since my everyday go-to fragrances are typically lighter and brighter, finding robust yet wearable options has been a process characterized by highs and lows. Over the years, I’ve reached for the reliable Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir almost exclusively. This year’s Winter Fragrance Playlist is short but features biggest hits only. 

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady fragrance review.

Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady is an olfactory masterpiece. The rich, dark, and moody blend is one of the most captivating scents in my fragrance repertoire. Crafted by renowned perfumer Dominique Ropion, this heady fragrance is a symphony of seductive and opulent notes that center around Turkish Rose. By adding spicy and woodsy accords of Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Blackcurrant, this floral is dramatic and elegant. When I first tried it a decade ago, I found it intimidating. Now, I find it stunning. One spritz is all you need–trust me. $295 (50ml) or $440 (100ml) at

Krigler Boudoir Renaissance 223 parfum review.

Krigler Boudoir Renaissance 223

You know that one fragrance you treat yourself to only on special occasions? Or reach for when you want to feel special? To me, it’s Krigler Boudoir Renaissance 223. This woody and spicy scent does one of the most unique takes on Oud, a note I personally have a lot of trouble wearing and embracing. To ensure impeccable balance, Krigler combined the earthy and spicy core with floral and fruity accords. It’s the clever combination of Rose and Raspberry with hints of Coffee Bean, Labdanum (my favorite ingredient in fragrance, of late), and Black Tea that softens the edges for a sublime drydown. Both Patchouli and Cypress linger in the background, making it a fantastic cold weather option that’s elegant, yet approachable. $810 (50ml) at

The Maker hotel Lover fragrance review.

Lover by The Maker

The latest launch from The Maker is inspired by the closeness of a lover and has the most sensual story of them all. By definition, ‘Lover’ is woodsy and earthy. And I couldn’t agree more. The notes breakdown includes Fig (which, honestly, I don’t pick up on), and Jasmine Sambac, which I barely smell behind the much more prominent Cedarwood and Vetiver. The subtle creamy accord has a peppery edge, giving Lover an elegant and intriguing drydown. It’s a grown up version of Naked, my other favorite from the brand. Excellent projection and silage. $175 (50ml) at

Aesop Gloam fragrance review.

Aesop Gloam

We all have experienced a fragrance that didn’t hit us right away, but which we ended up craving as the day went on. That’s Gloam by Aesop for yours truly. It’s a brave combination of spicy and green notes with unexpected powdery florals at the forefront. Gloam is sufficiently quirky to achieve its on-brand status for Aesop. It’s giving old apothecary or sexy church on a remote hill in a European village. The core accords are Mimosa, Saffron, and Iris but it’s the supporting roles of Jasmine Sambac and Orange Flower that carry the performance to a standing ovation for me. This scent profile is a bit out of my wheelhouse, so I’m pleasantly surprised that I can’t get enough of Gloam. $195 (50ml)

Escentric Molecule Ginger fragrance review.

Escentric Molecule 01 + Ginger

This is not my all time favorite scent from this clever range. That covered slot would be The Black Tea variation. During the winter months however, I am all about Molecule 01 + Ginger. It’s absolutely brilliant. Since Escentric is an expert on showcasing the Iso E Super note, which reacts differently with everyone’s body chemistry, you immediately expect a trademark experience. Add a sharp, bright, and slightly spicy burst of freshly cut ginger, and it becomes warm but fizzy, and slightly sweet. Make no mistake, this is not a heady scent. Far from it, actually. Personally, I find it to be an amazing mood booster on short, cold, drab days. $170 (100ml)

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