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A couple of months ago, a sleek box from Violet Grey arrived, which instantly piqued my interest. Inside, a bottle of Cell Forté Serum, dreamed up and formulated to perfection by Angela Caglia, the Los Angeles based master aesthetician of 28 years. Since nobody curates better edits than Violet Grey, I knew I was in for a treat and immediately got started. The brief accompanying note referenced a biotech breakthrough, which further elevated my excitement. Having now finished my bottle, I feel compelled to report back.  

Since, I am not doing a roundup of ‘My 2023 Favorites,’ this post is my official rave of the year. In other words, I saved the best for last. But if you’re into favorites and ‘best of’, please check out my daily sunscreen list!

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What is Cell Forté with BIOMSC™?

One of the most innovative products to land in my hands, the Cell Forté Serum is the ultimate multi-tasker with the ability to address and correct a wide range of anti-aging concerns. This impressive formula is powered by a proprietary, next-gen fusion called BIOMSC™, which stands for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media. 

I was immediately intrigued and curious to find out how this lab lingo would translate into more relatable skincare talk. Dedicated to learning and understanding the science behind it, I tuned in to a few IG lives with Angela. After taking copious notes, I reached out and connected via phone to clarify a few things. I’m Polish, you guys–everything takes a while. 

Angela Caglia new BIOMSC stem cell serum.

Stem Cells in Skincare?

Let’s talk marketing buzzwords. We are bombarded with phrases that hold little to no merit: dermatologist-tested, chemical-free or cosmeceuticals, to name but a few. Others, like vegan collagen even cause a slight eye roll. Then there are plant stem cells, which in all fairness, can be somewhat effective. Probably more so if we were plants. Human stem cells have been used in regenerative medicine for decades because of their healing and restructuring properties. Is it possible to harness their energy into topical application? Kind of. 

Angela Caglia Forté launch.

But how?

While actual human stem cells haven’t yet made an appearance in topical skincare products (no doubt, there is potential that they eventually will), the Cell Forté Serum is fueled by MSC-conditioned media. Conditioned media is the ‘broth’ human stem cells sit and marinate in after being ethically harvested. This process takes place at a cGMP certified research lab in Texas, which Angela Caglia herself chose after years of OCD-level research. Through osmosis, as the cells multiply and excrete, the liquid that surrounds them becomes a byproduct with all the perks. It’s literally ‘the juice’ and contains growth factors, peptides, exosomes, and proteins. One very important side note: there is no DNA crossover and the serum is free of any genetic material.

Best anti-aging skincare serum is the Angela Caglia Cell Forté formula.

Benefits of BIOMSC™ conditioned media

With regard to cellular health and its correlation with the aging process, the effects go beyond the decrease of collagen and elastin production. Our skin takes longer to heal as we get older and sadly, bouncing back requires more self-love and self-awareness after we turn 35. It’s because mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) regenerate at a significantly slower pace. This impacts not only our skin but also bone, cartilage, muscle, and nerve activity. Topical application of the Cell Forté Serum triggers the MSCs to intuitively regenerate specifically targeted issues which in turn can correct concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dullness, or loss of elasticity. 

Angela Caglia anti-aging powerhouse serum.

What is in the Cell Forté Serum?

The new serum by Angela Caglia Skincare is water-based and incredibly lightweight. It absorbs in seconds and immediately soothes, hydrates, and comforts the skin. It’s important to emphasize that BIOMSC™ conditioned media includes growth factors, peptides, and exosomes that are both synthetic and human in origin. The combination of body identical and bio-identical ingredients amplifies cell-communicating potential and ensures effective resolution of our skincare conundrums.

I know I’ve already mentioned how advanced this new formula is; the INCI highlights do not end there. Cell Forté also includes Hyaluronic Acid in multi-molecular weight, Oligopeptides 1 and 2 (in addition to a handful of other peptides), insanely hydrating Tremella Mushroom Extract, Allantoin, Niacinamide, and Bisabolol. Unique to the brand, Angela Caglia Skincare also uses an exclusive Lipid Lock Technology™ Delivery System which includes Meadowfoam Seed Oil, a botanical with an uncanny similarity to the oil naturally produced by our skin. This serum is indeed, pretty extraordinary. 

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How to use it?

Cell Forté is your first-to-skin step after cleansing. With that said, I do use a hydrating essence before to ensure optimal absorption. I ran this by Angela Caglia during our chat and she confirmed it was actually a clever maneuver. As implied in the concept of a serum, this is your pre-moisturizer step and can be used morning or evening. Preferably both. When I first started my bottle, I was generous with a full dropper. Eventually, I adjusted to half a dropper per application (including eye area which is totally safe). I am happy to report that my sunscreen and richer night creams layer seamlessly without any pilling. 

Angela Caglia is not a fan of conventional Vitamin C serums or retinoid esters. She steers clear of anything potentially sensitizing. This is why Cell Forté is your all-in-one treatment step to address fine lines, age spots, enlarged pores, dullness or uneven tone. I hear that with consistent use, it may also be a valid replacement for in-office laser treatments. 


Since this latest launch requires an investment, it’s noteworthy that my bottle lasted two months with daily use. Considering the results, I am confident in recommending this formula to anyone curious or intrigued by its concept. Or to anyone who has reached a plateau in their efforts and may benefit from a boost. 

As someone who isn’t particularly concerned about wrinkles or sagging issues, I noticed the biggest difference in my overall radiance. A remarkable difference. The last time I experienced such results was after I stopped smoking. Just over a decade ago, I quit cold turkey after fifteen years of smoking a pack and a half a day. It still amazes me to say that. I remember vividly the healthy transformation of my complexion. After two months of Cell Forté, my skin is noticeably more vibrant while exhibiting a newfound healthy glow. I’m absolutely obsessed with this one.

$395 (30ml) at and

Angela Caglia Cell Forté Serum ingredient list and review.

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