Jones Road Miracle Balm in Happy Hour Is Here!

I promise this will be super quick. If you’re not familiar with my favorite Jones Road Miracle Balm, please read my, much more in-depth post about the Au Naturel shade. 

Last week, the ever-growing shade range of this unique and genius-in-its-simplicity complexion savior welcomed a new hue. Named after my favorite time of day, Happy Hour launched just in time to add that festive sparkle to our holiday looks. More below. 

The scoop on Miracle Balm

The idea behind Miracle Balm is pretty straightforward. Use the balm-like texture sparingly to add subtle glow as a highlighter, a hint of all-over color, or as your blush. The shades intended to highlight are Golden Hour, Magic Hour, and now Happy Hour. The all-over hint of color solutions are Bronze, Tawny, and Sunkissed. Blush options are best achieved with Dusty Rose, Flushed, and Miami Beach. Au Naturel adds that glossy look and works best on me when applied to the high points of my face, mostly the cheekbones. 

What is the Happy Hour shade like?

Jones Road describes Miracle Balm in Happy Hour as a cool, sheer pink with silver shimmer for light to medium tan skin tones. Unlike Golden and Magic Hours, which are low-shimmer, Happy Hour is the first to deliver a more intense than usual shimmer finish. For me, the effect is too present (not quite ‘strobe light’ but more than I can get away with) but I know that fans of that platinum gleam will become instant fans.

Application of Happy Hour

Having used a number of Miracle Balm shades, I’ve learned that ‘less is more.’ The solid oil-based formula is rich, so those with dry skin will embrace the cushiony moisture effect. For those of us with oilier complexions, very little product is needed in order to avoid feeling sticky. Bobbi applies Miracle Balm with her fingers, which is a method I’ve grown to trust. Dab it on and pat it in. It spreads and blends into the skin very easily. If you prefer using tools for precision, the Everything Brush is ideal. 

everything brush for the win

tinted powder is amazing!

The new shade works best as a highlight. With that said, if you feel like muting the shimmer slightly, follow it with a light application of the Jones Road Tinted Face Powder on top. I have experience with both Yellow and Pink shades, which set and blur just enough without ever looking powdery. Seriously, like ever. 

The verdict

The truth is that Happy Hour is a tad too vibrant for me. The cheerful dewiness I get from Au Naturel is all that I need. Lately, I’ve been mixing Au Naturel with Bronze and love everything about this combination–a light hint of color that cuts through the red in my skin with a flush of dewiness that’s barely visible. Definitely give Happy Hour a try if you’re looking for a festive boost to your makeup look during the upcoming holiday party season. I am using Bronze and Dusty Rose almost daily. And when I’m not, it’s all about a little bit of Au Naturel.

$38 (1.75 oz) at If you’re a UK resident, please check out for prices and availability.

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