Jones Road The Face Pencil

There’s something so no-nonsense about Jones Road that I absolutely love. Each product is as user friendly as it is effective and as someone who takes a minimal approach to makeup, I couldn’t be more grateful for the low-keyness of the brand. I’ve had nothing but great luck with two products in particular: Miracle Balm and WTF What The Foundation. In highlighting both as frequently as I do, I have neglected the Jones Road staple I use the most. Enter, The Face Pencil. This crafty little crayon-like gem takes my complexion from haggard to rested in seconds.

Get the sharpener.

What is it?

The Face Pencil is the easiest to master concealer type product I have ever used. The beauty of this Jones Road hero lies in its simplicity. It’s a well-pigmented, almost-creamy-but-not-quite pencil, that you use to spot correct over the face in place of foundation. You can also brighten the area under your eyes when needing to hide any dreaded dark cicles. 

The finish is remarkably true-to-skin. Having tried a wide array of shades, I think everyone needs two in their kit: one for the face and one for the eyes. You’ll need to adjust the color scale based on the season. There are 25 shades from which to choose. It took me a minute but I have officially found my perfect matches.

How do I use it?

On most days, I only use it under my eyes. For reference, I consider myself a minimalist with a skillset that rarely extends past my tinted sunscreen application. I do not wear makeup daily. It is not uncommon for me, however, to wake up with Tim Burton level shadows under my eyes. Or unwelcome random red spots that appear after trying a new- or about-to-launch resurfacing formula. What’s great about The Face Pencil is how easily it corrects and conceals all sorts of imperfections. 

Common Sense Tip: Moisturize First

This is most important for applications under the eyes. Since the delicate skin in this area has no oil glands, it’s crucial to moisturize prior to applying a pigmented product. The Jones Road Eye Cream is lightweight yet super moisturizing and makes for a great base. It actually reminds me quite a bit of Bobbi’s formula from her previous life. It’s a basic done very well. The Face Pencil never creases under my eyes. Using an eye cream has everything to do with it. 

Natural light, no ring light, could have blended a bit more on the forehead, too…

How to blend? Brush? Sponge?

Surprisingly, I have found i can blend The Face Pencil best with only my fingers. Since the pencil itself is the most Goldilocks in texture (not too soft, not too firm), it glides on the skin without tugging or pulling. The warmth of the fingers helps blend it in seamlessly. Once you find your perfect shade, you will be amazed at how well it covers while remaining impressively natural-looking on the skin. Another tip: pat, don’t rub. To achieve coverage, pat the pigment into the skin using gentle press down motions. Science, you guys. It works. 

Finding the perfect shade

Take the quiz! Jones Road offers a ‘Find Your Shade’ tool for Miracle Balm, The Face Pencil, WTF What The Foundation, and The Bronzer. Trust your warm vs cool preference. If you already know your WTF shade, go with the suggested pairings for The Face Pencil. I wear WTF in Beige. My perfect shades of The Face Pencil are #11 under my eyes (I need the pink and have to avoid yellow) and #12 for the rest of my face (cancels blotchiness beautifully). 

$25 and available at in 25 shades

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