Philosophy Dose Of Wisdom Serum

Slightly off-topic but not really: while prepping and researching a bit before writing this post, I noticed Philosophy is no longer at Sephora. When did that happen? It felt like Philosophy literally carried the retailer back in the early 2000s. Wow. Ok, moving right along. 

In other and better news: Philosophy recently launched a new serum and it’s pretty great. I figure a quick review is in order because Dose of Wisdom, bouncy skin reactivating serum may sound like a mouthful, but a peek behind the INCI curtain reveals a really tight result-focused formula. And, it’s been a joy to use. More below. 

What is it?

Dose of Wisdom is a daily treatment step that aims to hydrate, brighten, and energize the skin. It has a lightweight consistency which is significantly more robust than other philosophy serums, particularly When Hope Is Not Enough and Hope In A Jar. It also comes packaged in a bottle with a push down dropper vs. a traditional pipette. It’s more opaque liquigel than lotion and feels silky upon application. It’s silky but there is no slip–it absorbs beautifully in seconds.

What’s in it?

The term ‘bouncy skin’ has been coined by countless marketers over the past decade. Bouncy implies firm and plump. Luckily, Dose of Wisdom contains ultra hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane, alongside soothing Reishi Mushroom Stem and Barley Extracts. Most importantly, the formula highlights 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid as the eighth ingredient on the list. This much more stable derivative of Ascorbic Acid is both water and oil soluble and visibly firms and brightens the skin over time. In short, this is a great Vitamin C serum. 

Another ingredient list standout is Adenosine. This anti-inflammatory compound energizes the surface of the skin, which can lessen the appearance of fine lines. And since it occurs naturally in our bodies (the version used in skincare is yeast derived), Adenosine also helps stimulate collagen production. The result: firmer skin. I can’t remember where I read that Adenosine is Barry’s Bootcamp for our skin. I can’t speak as a Barry’s Bootcamp member, but, based on what I hear, if that’s the energy my skin will be getting, I am all in. 

User experience, etc

With regard to how best to incorporate Dose of Wisdom into your routine, this serum couldn’t be more flexible. Because of the quick-absorbing consistency it layers great under any moisturizer–day or night. If you’re into cocktailing your treatment steps (DoW goes on clean, dry skin after cleansing), you can mix it with a few drops of a facial oil or another serum. My only rule: I do not use this serum in the same sequence as my retinoids. If you’re a Bakuchiol user however, you’re good. And this is a great alternative for skin on which conventional Ascorbic Acid powered Vitamin C serums are too potent.

Lastly, Philosophy assures Dose of Wisdom is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. I have little to no skin sensitivities but the subtle, albeit perfumes scent is worth a mention. It doesn’t linger and I enjoy it. If, however, fragrance is a trigger for your skin, I’d probably avoid it.

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