Jones Road Gel Bronzer

Here it is!

Now that the summer weather is in full swing, I am trading my What The Foundation touch ups for a subtle bronzer application. A few months ago, Jones Road added bronzing powders to their ever-growing line up: soft, creamy, beautifully pigmented, and just the right kind of matte. Today, Gel Bronzer officially launches. These clever formulas are worth getting excited about, especially for those wanting a sun kissed wash of color. Without getting messy. The latest from Jones Road is so user-friendly even this makeup challenged person can apply it with his eyes closed. 

2023 summer must-have

What is the Gel Bronzer all about?

Unlike a powder bronzer, the Jones Road gel formula is a water-based liquigel that delivers natural-looking warmth to the skin. On me, this newness serves as an ultra-lightweight tinted moisturizer. It’s what I know I’ll be reaching for almost daily during the summer months. The coverage is sheer yet buildable, but as someone who wants a modest yet visible suntanned look, I apply it sparingly. The Jones Road Gel Bronzer is available in three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. They run a tad dark; I am always a medium in powder formulas while my best gel match is the light shade. 

New favorite? Perhaps.

Proud of this swatch. Only took about 15 tries.

How to use the Gel Bronzer

As with anything pigmented, my rule of thumb applies: less is more. If you want to, you can always ramp it up. The new Gel Bronzer works great directly on the skin. However, it also mixes well with any moisturizer with a lotion-like texture, which will also deliver less intense pigment payoff. If you’re new to water-based bronzers, you may want to try this method first. Unlike gel formulas I’ve used in the past (Tom Ford for men was my favorite for years), this Jones Road launch doesn’t dry instantly. It gives you that extra minute to disperse the product evenly so you can blend it properly. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you moisturize beforehand because water-based tints can (and will) cling onto dry areas. 

Everything Brush — optional

Very pleased.

Do you need a brush?

Here’s the thing about Jones Road: most of the formulas work brilliantly when applied with your fingers. Yes, the powder bronzer requires a brush, but my other favorites—WTF, The Face Pencil, and now the Gel Bronzer—are so easy to work into the skin, I use my fingers 99% of the time. If I’m trying to be extra, I’ll use the Everything Brush along my beard line to ensure the product isn’t looking patchy. Otherwise, I manage to look streak-free without using extra tools. 

I think these run a bit dark…

It looks dark but they really are sheer on the skin.

When does it go on?

I’m certainly no makeup pro, but I think of a bronzer as a finishing touch, literally the last thing I put on my face before heading out into the world. I don’t recommend mixing any pigment product into your sunscreen but a small amount worked into my skin directly after putting on my favorite SPF has worked really well for me.

Begin with the cheeks, nose, and forehead–all the areas that the sun hits first—and work the product in, using outward strokes. I haven’t tried it over What The Foundation since it’s been warm and humid (so my skin hasn’t needed added moisture. I do use The Face Pencil to spot treat first and then go in with a light layer of the Gel Bronzer. I am beyond impressed and will most likely finish the tube before the end of summer.

$34 (35ml) in Light, Medium, and Dark at

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