My Hydrafacial Experience

Having blogged for almost a decade I can comfortably say I’ve received a remarkable number of complimentary facials. Be it a rustic treatment room in an upstate New York boutique, golf balls rolling across my face with Natura Bisse at Harrods in London, or the biggest celebrity aesthetician slapping me contoured in a Tribeca penthouse, each experience has been memorable. With that said, visible results from even the most spectacular facial last maybe 3 to 5 days. 

Most recently: my very first Hydrafacial at Casa Cipriani. The plot twist: two weeks later, I’m still touching my face in disbelief. Never has the firmer, smoother, softer, even-toned complexion lasted this long. Impressed? Absolutely. Mesmerized may be more fitting. I keep reminiscing about that oh-so comfortable treatment bed, the softest down duvet, and all. More below.

What is a Hydrafacial?

Hydrafaical is trademarked and the name of the treatment and proprietary equipment that comes to us courtesy of the makers of the original microdermabrasion. Using a similar approach and a pen-like wand, the process uses vortex technology to perform specific steps such as cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and infusion. Best of all, the procedure has no downtime and feels both refreshing and relaxing. 


After a gentle cleanse, the Hydrafacial device offers a wide range of ‘tips’ for the high pressure fluid wand, which exfoliates the skin. Depending on your needs and sensitivity level, the aesthetician glides the pen smoothly to ensure even resurfacing results. I believe my blend included a combination of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, which were complimented by physical vortex exfoliation, the device best known for that in the field of skin health. I experienced minimal redness during and immediately following the facial. 


My combination skin is extremely congestion-prone, so I tend to get excited by the extractions process. The Hydrafacial extraction step was not at all aggressive and my brilliant facialist, Sam, combined it with her golden touch manual effort to give me the most glass-like skin of my life. I can’t rave enough about Sam aka @thesouthstreefacialist. Her skillset and passion for all things skin are truly impressive. And from one skincare junkie to another, I could talk to her for hours on end. 


This is the ‘fun’ step in the Hydrafacial experience. Hydrafacial offers their own booster type serums to address and correct issues ranging from hyperpigmentation to loss of firmness. Other brands have also partnered with Hydrafacial, so their exclusive formulas may also be selected for the multi-step treatment. It’s so great to see brands such as BABOR, Murad or Alastin embrace this impressive technology. During my treatment, Sam infused the JLo Beauty booster for an extra shot of antioxidants, adaptogens, and Niacinamide. For that JLo glow obviously.

Make it Bespoke

Since my Hydrafacial appointment at Casa Cipriani lasted 90 minutes (the actual multi-step Hydrafacial treatment takes 45-60 minutes), Sam included bespoke touches to really elevate my visit. Another first for me: Dermaplaning. This. Was. Incredible. Using what looked like a straight up scalpel, her gentle strokes removed the most upper layer of the skin (think dead cells only) and peach fuzz, which adds shadows to our features. I couldn’t believe my brighter complexion afterward. 


Because why not! As a huge fan of LED therapy, I was thrilled to see Sam slather on one of the most advanced serums from Auteur (the super luxe brand behind one of the best hydrating serums I currently own) and switch on the light panel for a few minutes. My red light therapy (which repairs and refines surface imperfections) was followed by an infrared treatment (which reaches deeper into the dermis to stimulate natural recovery process) and delivered the ultimate anti-aging experience.  

Final Thoughts

It’s been two weeks since my Hydrafacial and I continue to be amazed daily at how smooth and firm my skin feels. I only had the slightest redness day, which dissipated quickly after a morning skin flooding routine (thanks, Sam!). My usually enlarged pores are looking tighter and significantly more refined. It’s the most rejuvenated my complexion has ever looked as well. And since the visible results are so noticeable, I’ve been motivated to maintain this fresh summer appearance. Definitely check out the Find A Hydrafacialist on the Hydrafacial website and book an appointment. 

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