Skin Inc Deepcare O2 Hydro-Facial Pore Refiner (and an exclusive promo)

You may have read my recent musings on the very first Hydrafacial I’ve ever experienced at the super luxe Casa Cipriani Spa in New York City. Well, my skin continues looking and feeling pretty great. But those familiar with facials know that maintaining that post-treatment glow isn’t easy at all. Earlier this month, I tried the new Skin Inc Deepcare O2 Hydro Facial Pore Refiner. I hope this rave isn’t premature, but it felt like a successful at-home alternative to that very treatment I recently experienced. Keep reading til the very end because this post comes with a tempting offer. 

What is it?

Deepcare O2 Hydro Facial is a cordless device that uses a vortex technology to effectively deep cleanse and purify the skin. There are four cycles: warm, vacuum, purify, and cool. Warm and cool modes are accompanied by red and blue LED light therapy respectively. Think pore purging with a side of anti-aging perks. Each mode can also be performed at three intensity levels: low, medium, and high. 

How does it work?

Twist the device to open the chamber. Next, fill the treatment side with water or solution of choice. I’ve been using the Skin Inc Pure Serum Mist but plan to experiment with gentle resurfacing essences like the one from Royal Fern next time (since its job is to go deep, I want the actives to perform better, but be sure to keep the pH of the product as neutral as possible). 

It’s very important to hold the device upright as you glide it across the face. If proper contact with your skin is lost, the unit will beep and the exclamation mark light will blink in red. As soon as you regain the 45 degree angle, it will continue to work seamlessly. Personally, I go over each part of my face 2-3 times before changing modes. I recommend that you start with low intensity. I went in on high the first time and went through most of the day with a red nose. If you feel like you’re tugging at the skin, use one hand to hold part of your face and use the other to create short strokes to treat the area.

First, the device warms up the skin to soften the tissue and help open the pores. Next, the vacuum vortex dislodges the wax-like build up that causes the congestion. The purify feature continues the deep cleanse as it oxygenates the skin. Finally, cool mode soothes and tightens your skin.

After a full treatment cycle, the right chamber fills up with the liquid post cleaning plus all the excess oil, cellular debris, and any product buildup you may have–it looks pretty murky in my case and I wash my face prior to using the Deepcare O2 Hydro Facial. It’s also oddly satisfying.


Two suction tips treat congested pores all over the face effectively: round for the cheeks, chin, etc, and oval for areas around the nostrils that are more difficult to reach. These twist off and pop into place easily, so changing the tips requires no effort. A brush is included, which is used to clean them after each treatment under running water. The same goes for the tiny sponge filter in the head of the device. 

Since my biggest area of concern is the nose, I have been using the oval tip for a quick bi-weekly clean up with huge success. In just minutes, I see a remarkable visual improvement in the appearance of the congested, crater-like pores on my T-zone. 

Usage tips

The good news: the Skin Inc device is incredibly user-friendly. The tricky part is that each mode (warm, vacuum, purify, cool) doesn’t progress automatically. I recommend treating each area with 2-3 glides before switching modes. With that said, working just my nose takes less than 5 minutes. I’d avoid exfoliating prior to using the Deepcare O2 Hydro Facial. Save your gentle acids for the following day and focus on hydrating areas of focus immediately after the treatment. The best way to maintain clear pores is to flood them with water-based formulas that highlight Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Save 20% with my code

In short, the Deepcare O2 Hydro Facial definitely works. And the best part? Instant results. Since it’s an at-home alternative, harness your expectations but this product and device aficionado has been very impressed with the outcomes after each use. You all know that I’m a giver: save 20% by using my affiliate code BART20 at checkout.

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