Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Mousse

New Clinique foaming cleanser from the Take The Day Off range.

If you’re reading this on March 8th, make sure to check out for an amazing 50% off deal on all Clinique cleansers. I have used the Liquid Facial Soap in Mild for years in my 30s and my combination skin did great with this particular formula.

As close as one can get to the definition of ‘modern classic,’ the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is among the most popular balm-to-oil makeup removers. The vividly purple jar is inescapable at major beauty retailers and duty-free counters. Yet personally, I’ve never been a fan. The formula does work well, but I’ve found the sensory experience to be somewhat lackluster. Recently, that very cleansing range expanded with the launch of Take The Day Off Facial Cleansing Mousse. As a fan of foaming formulas, I couldn’t wait to get it in my hands. A quick rundown on its ingredients, efficacy, and overall performance below. 

New Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing mousse.

Cleansing Balm vs. Cleansing Mousse

Unlike the OG, the new Cleansing Mousse is Clinique’s take on a one-step cleanse that works as well sinkside as in the shower. There is no need to warm up or melt the product into the skin, and no liquifying after combining with water. It does, however, work incredibly well at removing makeup and SPF. So much so, that I am convinced an intentional single step cleansing can be just as effective as a double cleanse ritual. If you wear full on eye makeup (shadow/liner/mascara), this is not an option for your one-and-done routine.

Clinique new cleansing mousse ingredients.

What’s in it?

Clinique’s commitment to dermatologically sound formulations is evident in the fragrance-free and uncomplicated composition of this mousse. Designed for all skin types, including sensitive, but in my non-expert opinion it is probably most ideal for those with normal, combination, and oily complexions. The formula uses coconut-derived cleansing agents alongside 10% concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin to ensure a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. 

Clinique new foaming mousse cleanser texture.

User experience

The texture of the mousse is a result of a harmonious blend of surfactants and emollients. Upon contact with the skin, it turns thick, velvety, and frothy—reminiscent of some of my favorite Japanese or Korean cleansing foams. Considering this product is totally unscented, it still manages to transform the simple act of face washing into spa-like indulgence. Clinique’s commitment to simplicity and functionality is evident in the packaging of this product. The upright tube with a flip top cap allows you to dispense the most precise amount of product per application.

Clinique Take The Day Off foaming cleanser.

Putting it to the test

Wasting absolutely no time, I tried the new Take The Day Off Facial Cleansing Mousse the day I got my tube. The formula contains emulsifiers that effectively break down oil-based impurities, including tinted moisturizer, concealer, and sunscreen. My first experience was superb as the one-step cleanse removed all my Jones Road WTF, tinted Miracle Balm, and the Kosas concealer. I was extra careful around the eyes as Clinique emphasizes to avoid this particular area–otherwise, it may sting. 

On day 2, I tried it after wearing my ISDIN mineral tinted SPF for roughly 10 hours. After rinsing off, there was not a trace of dirt or pigment on the cotton round when I followed up with a hydrating toner. Most importantly, my skin’s natural moisture barrier post-cleansing felt calm and uninterrupted. There is the very slight tightness upon rinsing it off but it’s nowhere near the discomfort majority of cleansing foams tend to cause. P.S. This time, I wasn’t as careful around the eyes and yes, it did sting. 

Shower shelf must-haves for glowing skin.

Final thoughts

If you enjoy foaming cleansers as much as I do, you will love the new Take The Day Off Cleansing Mousse. Do I wish it had a subtle, clean scent? Sure, but it’s hardly a dealbreaker. When it comes to overall performance it is a solid mainstream choice and personally, it will be one of the most reached-for ones in the shower. 

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