RéVive Enzyme Essence Daily Resurfacing Treatment

Over the past decade, the essence category grew leaps and bounds. I, too, have dramatically changed my outlook on and understanding of the concept. In my twenties (and well into my thirties), I considered it frivolous, maybe even gimmicky. In other words, unnecessary to my skincare routine. Fast forward to my forties where I now find certain essence formulas to be the very secret behind hydrated, balanced, and glowing skin. Most recently, RéVive added Enzyme Essence to their resurfacing collection. The accompanying impressive launch comes as no surprise. More below. 

What is it?

The RéVive Enzyme Essence is your post-cleanse and pre-serum (or moisturizer) liquid step, which is suitable for use twice a day. It is a bi-phase solution that you shake before using to ensure that both the water and oil phases are dispensed proportionally. Its goal? To hydrate and gently exfoliate surface cell build up and reveal a brighter, smoother, even-toned complexion. 

What’s in it?

There are two distinct water and oil-based ‘layers,’ both of which are infused with nourishing ingredients that will boost your glow. The water part includes a medley of enzymes derived from Pineapple, Papaya, and Cranberry. And since enzymatic exfoliation does not require a neutralizing step (think acid pads or rinse-off solutions that require water to de-activate), it makes for a great leave-on exfoliant. Not to be ignored is Pumpkin Seed Extract, naturally rich in Vitamin A, Salicylic Acid, and Beta-Carotene. It would not be a RéVive classic without the brand’s award-winning Bio-Renewal Peptide, which rejuvenates aging skin in a similar way to Epidermal Growth Factors. 

The goal of the oil component of the new Enzyme Essence is to protect the skin barrier as well as to prevent the damage caused by environmental stressors. You will notice Squalena, Jojoba, Moringa, Meadowfoam, and Tsubaki Oils–all incredibly rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins. Other nod-worthy INCI highlights include Red and Brown Algae, Turmeric Root, Eggplant, and Sweet Basil Extracts. This essence is an antioxidant powerhouse. 

How do you use it?

I have a pretty firm application rule with regard to essences: use a cotton round with acid laced formulas or pat directly into skin when a formula you’re using is acid-free. This rule has served me well so I dispense a few ‘shakes’ of the ReVive Enzyme Essence into the palm of my hand and press it into clean skin. No tingling or redness. Yes, I recognize a fragrance however faint and pleasant–something I often describe as a ‘green spa note’. 

Upon shaking the bottle, I found the texture of the Enzyme Essence to be quite viscous. The oil and water phases do ‘blend’ but you can still see the microdroplets separately. With that said, my combination skin has always been served well when I mix oil with water-based serums or applying face oils on heavily misted skin. This essence does exactly that, which really helps absorb the product efficiently. In terms of consistency, this is one of the richest essences I currently keep in rotation (very close to Orveda Healing Sap).

Since it’s been unbearably hot and humid in the Northeast, I have been using this RéVive late at night. As a general tule, enzymatic exfoliation is usually very gentle, so I can use the product in the same sequence as my other resurfacing products–after a physical scrub or before my Moisture Renewal Lotion, for example. I am also happy to report that I’ve had great luck using retinoids, after this essence, and before bed. During the day, this formula is all I need under sunscreen. For reference, my skin is very prone to congestion so I limit layering products to two during summer months. As a daily resurfacing treatment, this new launch is a great addition to any skincare routine, whether you’re a ReVive loyalist or a total newbie to the brand. 

$115 (4.6 oz) at neimanmarcus.com and reviveskincare.com

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