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Let’s play two truths and a lie. 1. Neiman Marcus partnered with Indie Beauty Expo to showcase some of the best in natural beauty. 2. I’ve never used a face mask in my life. 3. Plum Oil is the under-the-radar facial treatment more potent than either Argan or Marula. Am I a horrible liar or what? Even more shocking is that a bottle of the seriously impressive Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil is $72. You guessed it, at Neiman’s.

chic, right?

There is no escaping the oil craze. Because oils work! You cocktail them with your serum, moisturizer, or foundation or apply it straight up as an intense dose of overnight moisture when your skin is feeling particularly parched. These exquisite extracts correct a wide range of complexion-related conundrums and are sourced from some of the most unique and often remote parts of the world.

amazing treat after you dry-brush your face

Le Prunier

Enter Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil. Harvested in sunny California from a varietal of plums, the cold pressed blend is 100% organic and produced directly on the family farm. And while the single SKU skincare venture launched just last year, the multi-generation plum growing operation dates back to 1916. Also, did you know that the plum is considered a superfruit in Western Asia?

Cali vibes

Extremely rich in essential fatty acids and polyphenols, Plum Beauty Oil provides antioxidant protection six and eight times greater than Marula and Argan Oils respectively. The priceless combo of Vitamins A and E delivers healing and hydrating properties. The Le Prunier masterpiece is also extremely lightweight and absorbs quickly. My favorite part, however, is most definitely the surprising (and very subtle) marzipan aroma. Not to worry, it does not linger.

as lush as it looks

When do I use it?

You can use Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil anytime – day, night, midday – whenever. Personally, I prefer an oil formula overnight to hydrate and balance my combination skin. A slave to Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol (not mutually exclusive), I apply a few drops over either and skip a moisturizer. My skin gets plenty of moisture from an oil. On nights when I take a break from actives, I like to use a face mist or a juicy essence and pat a few drops of oil into my skin while it’s still damp. That way, the oil absorbs even more quickly since the water-based formula acts as a carrier.

squad goals

Oh-so pure, the Le Prunier fusion is free of essential oils, parabens, sulfates, preservatives, and fragrance. Completely vegan, it is also non-comedogenic and suitable for even those with sensitive skin types. If you’re searching for a clean and effective facial oil, this is worth considering. After introducing it into my nightly regimen a few weeks ago, I’ve noticed my skin feeling firmer, stronger, and looking significantly brighter. Accidental perk: the black dropper bottle looks really cool on the vanity.

$72 (30ml) over at neimanmarcus.com


  1. Jeffers
    August 12, 2018 / 11:20 am

    Hi Bart

    Can you advise how we can put these products into a AM/PMroutine?

    AB’s Fleur D’Afrique Intensive recovery oil
    Drunk Elephant’s Framboo Glycolic Night Serum
    Le Prunier Beauty oil
    AB’s Neroli Infused Marula

    I would like to incorporate a Vitamin C serum in my AM routine as well but not sure if I need to since both Le Prunier and AB’s Neroli Infused Marula are already packed with Vit A and C.

    Any other products you recommend? Main concerns; enlarged pores, anti aging

    Thank you !

    • omgbart
      August 13, 2018 / 2:07 pm


      Such fantastic products!! As someone who also has enlarged pores, I avoid oils during the day. My combination skin prefers either oils with actives or actives underneath a pure oil at bed time. This is what I’d do.

      Use the DR Framboo Night Serum under either AB Marula or LP Plum Beauty Oil. When I use AB Fleurs d’Afrique, I use it as my main nighttime treatment during the summer – no moisturizer on top. During winter, I’d layer a cream formula over it, something like DE Protini, Ayuna cream II or the AMOREPACIFIC sleeping masque.

      What do you use during the day? My personal favorites are Niacinamide serum on clean skin (or a BHA treatment from Paula’s Choice) with a SPF that is either tinted or mixed with DE D-Bronzi.

      Hope this helps some!

  2. Jeffers
    August 15, 2018 / 2:32 am


    I’m a big facial oil fan. Generally use them AM and PM to moisturise. Cleanse, mist/tone and oil. Very simple routine hence trying to up my skincare game with….. vit C, Retinol, AHA/BHA and so forth. But the amount of information…(brands…which order to put them on) found online can be so overwhelming !!

    Thank you for the suggestions! Love the Blog and your Instagram posts !

  3. Klauds
    February 9, 2019 / 12:01 am

    Hello! Do you layer the HA under the retinol, then the Le Prunier? Or do you rotate HA and Le Prunier, then retinol and Le Prunier? What does your am and pm regimen currently look like?

    • omgbart
      February 23, 2019 / 6:59 am


      Sorry for the delay in responding! I usually start with HA under anything and depending how my skin needs, I go from there. Some nights, I’d do HA, then retinol and seal with Le Prunier. When I want to keep things easy and my skin could use a break from retinol, I just use HA with Le Prunier over it.

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