VOTARY Super Seed Nutrient Cream Light

Very few brands have that truly special place in my ever-growing skincare stash, but Votary easily ranks among my Top Five. The stunning collection of complexion-perfecting, botanically derived potions delivers impressive results while transforming a simple grooming task into a ritual. With that said, except for the Brightening Serum, I have only been using Votary products at night. Why? The robust formulas tend to be just a bit too rich for my combination skin to handle during the day. Especially in June. Which is why the latest launch of the Nutrient Cream Light has me ecstatic. I slathered it on during last weekend’s heatwave and topped off with sunscreen. It is officially my new Votary go-to for daytime. Yay.

What is it?

Part of the Super Seed collection, this nourishing and protective moisturizer is a significantly more lightweight version of the original Nutrient Cream. As someone who absolutely adores the Super Seed Serum but finds the Super Seed Oil a tad heavy, this new release is a dream come true for anyone with a skin type other than ‘dry’. Those whose complexions tend to be sensitive will particularly embrace this Super Seed ancillary. 

What’s in it?

The ingredient highlights of Votary anything read like a self-care, how-to cookbook. Between looking up particular botanicals and learning how best to utilize the latest in technology, I continue to be inspired by the brand’s mission to deliver the best in eco-luxe skincare.

Since Nutrient Cream Light is part of the Super Seed range, it of course includes the 21 Super Seed Oil blend that nourishes and revives dull, dehydrated skin. Next up are Phytoceramides that help replenish essential fatty acids to get our skin looking plump and supple again. And oleosomes. Oleosomes provide an encapsulated delivery system of certain oils to ensure the effects are both instant and time-released throughout the day (or night). Quite the multi-tasker, this impressive moisturizer also calms and soothes reactive skin immediately upon application. If you’re worried about fragrance, there is none. This doesn’t necessarily equal ‘fragrance-free’ as the ultra light and all-natural herbal note is present but never intrusive. 

Day or Night?

Since Nutrient Cream Light absorbs so amazingly well, I’ve actually been using it during the day. The much needed hydration provides a superb cushioning effect before my sunscreen. Most importantly, my SPF never pills. The lightweight texture is almost lotion-like, and since I enjoy mixing face oils with serums or creams, this one does great when combined with a few drops of whatever face oil I am testing before bed. It’s rare that I travel with glass jars but I am 99% sure I am packing this gem up for an upcoming trip to Poland. 

$110 (50ml) at spacenk.com and votaryskincare.com

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