Maelove Fade Away Brightening Serum

Maelove Fade Away Brightening Serum in box

While Maelove may be best known for its iconic Vitamin C serum, The Glow Maker, it was the Retinal night time treatment (aka Moonlight) that amassed a 42,000 person waitlist last year. This brand has cracked the code for creating and introducing new formulas. And they somehow maintain high-quality ingredient standards at surprisingly affordable price points. Today, a brand new treatment joins the line-up; say hello to Fade Away – a brightening solution to help tackle all stubborn, hyperpigmentation-related complexion conundrums.

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What is Fade Away?

Fade Away is a daily treatment serum, formulated to lighten existing and prevent future discoloration caused by UV damage, while keeping the skin plump and hydrated. Unlike the creams and serums that use Hydroquinone (been there, done that, haven’t experienced a less elegant cream since), this Maelove addition is safe to use even by pregnant women. Also, unlike Hydroquinone products that really shouldn’t be used long term, there are no restrictions with Fade Away in this regard. In short, this is a safe alternative that promises comparable results.

Maelove brightening serum texture

If you’ve been contemplating adding a brightening solution to your skincare routine, there is no better time to do so than during the summer months. Though I’m someone who wears sunscreen religiously, I still notice a few darker spots on my forehead every September. This year, I’ve decided to become more diligent; I’m already down to half the bottle of Fade Away. 

Maelove Fade Away Brightening Serum ingredients

What’s in the new Maelove serum?

The brightening trifecta behind the claims is a combination of Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, and Licorice Root Extract. Since it contains Hyaluronic Acid, In addition to its lightening properties, Fade Away is an excellent hydrator — and who doesn’t like a multi-tasker? The formula contains a complexion perfecting bouquet of botanicals such as Cucumber, Neem (Leaf and Flower), Turmeric, Aloe, and Red Algae Extracts to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Rosemary and Thyme are the two prominent herbs that pop up on the INCI list – I also detect a subtle scent of oregano in Fade Away. And I like it. A lot. The vibrant green hue of the serum is also all-natural. 

Maelove skincare routine with The Exfoliator and Fade Away Brightening Serum

How and When to use Fade Away?

The brand new serum is water based but has a rather viscous, almost liquigel like texture.It absorbs extremely well, making it a fantastic option for anyone who likes to layer their serums. If you prefer to mix a water based treatment with a few drops of a facial oil (something I often do at night), Fade Away plays well with others. If you’re a user of Moonlight, I’d layer It prior to the Retinal treatment. Personally, I minimize my use of retinoids so I’ve been applying Fade Away on alternating nights. On some days, I incorporate it into my morning routine and replace whichever hydrating serum I use. If you’re looking to elevate your skin brightening efforts, definitely give Fade Away a try.

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