Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris L’Homme à la Rose

Francis Kurkdjian had three words in mind when creating his latest fragrance L’Homme à la Rose: fresh, masculine, rose. A symbol of femininity, rose is considered to be the most popular flower in the world. It also has impressive adaptive powers and is able to thrive in a wide range of environments. Yet, there is nothing common about a rose. The fragrance house has taken a sophisticated approach and delivered a crisp, bright scent with a vivid rose note that lasts until the very end. The result is absolutely brilliant. 

My experience with men’s fragrances that emphasized florals can be summed up more or less like this: everything bright or green gets masked by the predictable (more like alpha) notes of leather or patchouli. Often, citrus is treated in a similar way. 

Until now.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris is already behind my favorite citrus floral combination, Petit Matin, so I was beyond excited to try L’Homme à la Rose. 

And it did not disappoint.

At first spritz, L’Homme à la Rose opens with a burst of rose and grapefruit. It’s sharp, green, and effervescent. I find the rose note to be very stem forward. The vibrant freshness settles but doesn’t disappear and lingers with earthy notes of amber wood and a hint of sage. It’s warm but doesn’t feel heavy nor cloying. It’s a great day or evening scent, one I would love to wear on holiday when travel is a thing again. Hours after applying, the intriguing combination of rose with woodsy drydown continues to linger. The longevity factor is appreciated, not intrusive. 

If you’re curious about the name of this latest creation, it draws inspiration from Mr. Kurdjian’s first Bastille Day dinner out after moving to New York City (where crepe a la mode was a dessert) and his memory of a portrait titled ‘Marie-Antoinette à la Rose’. He also wanted to keep the name simple and easy to pronounce, something both him and I have in common when it comes to saying and spelling out our last names. In this homage to his culture and favorite place in the world, Paris — L’Homme à la Rose was born. 

Never have I thought, I’d be reaching for a men’s rose fragrance on the daily. Yet here I am, thrilled to complete my morning self-care routine with exactly that. L’Homme à la Rose is casual yet sophisticated, bold but not necessarily seductive, it’s light and comfortable, which is why it’s already a permanent addition to my fragrance wardrobe. 

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