Elemis Adds Energising Cleanser & Tri-Acid Peel To The Pro-Collagen Collection

Learned about the newness over a virtual breakfast with Elemis on Zoom!

There are two formulas from the luxury spa range Elemis with which most skincare connoisseurs are familiar. The iconic Pro-Collagen Marine Cream that seems to have started it all. And *that* cleansing balm, which leaves the skin feeling super clean and soft while also providing a magical herbal blend aromatherapy. Last month, Elemis grew their Pro-Collagen collection by adding two new anti-aging formulas: Tri-Acid Peel and Energising Marine Cleanser. The scoop follows. 

Expectations: clean, soft, smooth skin. Done.


At first, Elemis may seem a bit overwhelming to a self-care novice. There are SO MANY products. The bonus of having spa roots is that after a professional treatment, you are introduced to exactly what you need and a protocol to follow. Since none of us are getting facials anytime soon, I encourage you to use the ‘Chat’ feature on their website if you’re unsure about what is right for you. The Pro-Collagen collection is the brand’s gold standard and a safe gateway for anyone looking to address concerns that range from early to advanced signs of aging (loss of firmness, uneven tone and texture, and so on). 

Like this one a lot.

Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser

The new face wash is a foaming gel that comes in a convenient, upright pump bottle. Unlike the cult favorite cleansing balm, the new Energising formula does not have the herbal aroma — it actually has the unique ‘spa-like’ scent of the Marine moisturizer. It’s a great follow up to the balm as a second step in a double cleanse or it can make for a refreshing morning wash. I’ve used it both ways and am very much enjoying this latest launch. 

Definitely see myself using these up. Both formulas work great on my skin.
A cheat sheet for those wondering how to correctly follow an Elemis routine.

What’s in it?

The new Energising Marine Cleanser is definitely more of a treatment wash than a makeup remover. While it takes off my tinted moisturizer quite well, I wouldn’t rely on it to remove waterproof makeup. Since the formula contains minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper as well as Meidterranean Algae, I try to extend the basic task of face washing past a minute to reap the skin purifying benefits. It also contains Lactic and Sulfonic Acids for gentle exfoliation and Ferulic Acid for a boost of antioxidant protection. Overall, this newness delivers a luxurious cleansing experience. At $62 a bottle, it’s definitely a splurge. 

I’m a massive at-home peel fan.

Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel

The new Pro-Collagen peel formula is the most advanced and possibly the strongest exfoliating treatment within the line. Unlike the Dynamic Resurfacing Peel Pads, which can be used twice a day, and the Peptide Overnight Radiance Peel that is to be used nightly, the Tri-Acid Peel is a rinse-off solution that should only be used twice a week at most. The liquigel solution is fueled by an 8% concentration of three acids: Mandelic (with a larger molecular structure than Glycolic for a gentler yet as effective performance), Lactobiotic (a Polyhydroxy known to help with fine lines, discoloration, and enlarged pores), and Asiatic (Cica plant-derived provides anti-microbial and anti-glycation benefits). Lastly, mineral-rich Chlorella Extract adds antioxidant protection and calms inflammation. 

So I have all the options.
User friendly gel texture for easy application.

How Does It Work?

The beauty of this AHA/PHA fusion is that it delivers results in a single application. At first, you may experience slight tingling and a bit of redness upon rinsing off the gel after 15 minutes. Neither is considered a side effect and both sensations disappear in minutes. Personally, I haven’t experienced either but my combination skin is rarely reactive to acids. After trying this latest launch a handful of times, I settled on 3 pumps per application. It’s worked great as part of my morning routine. If you choose to use it in the AM, be generous with your broad-spectrum sunscreen so that you prevent further UV-related skin damage. If you’re looking to smooth out the rough texture of your skin and lighten any discoloration, this treatment step is an excellent option to consider. I can definitely tell this is the most potent resurfacing solution within the Elemis line. $110 (50ml)

Available on elemis.com and often part of limited time promos at lookfantastic.com (the 20% off Labor Day Sale special may still be working)

INGREDIENTS: Energising Cleanser

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