YINA — Beauty Heroes February Discovery

Although I’m a self-proclaimed skincare enthusiast, I admit to being somewhat lackadaisical about body care, specifically paying regular attention to keeping my body moisturized. I do love my bath potions, body scrubs and the latest of creamy washes, but somehow that affection does not translate to regular application of body creams or lotions. I appear to be purposely forgetful. Thanks to Beauty Heroes February Discovery, which I was fortunate to preview a few weeks ago, all that is about to change. February’s Discovery features the newly re-branded YINA, a sublime ecoluxe brand and let me just say body care is my new jam. This month, the box includes a full size Recovery Body Treatment, which is the one of the most unique formulas in my arsenal now. Paired with a stunning Body Guasha tool, this duo makes for one truly special body care ritual. 

My 5Yina experience has mainly involved skincare these past few years (sadly I’m among those in the minority who found the hand cream just too rich). The Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser most certainly lives up to its name but it’s the seasonal Hydrosol and Face Oil duos that qualify as some of the most lush skin treatments in the clean beauty space. All formulas are inspired by and based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and use the latest in modern technology and ingredient innovation. What does that mean? The focus is on potent adaptogenic botanical extracts that nourish, protect, and improve the health of your skin. As of this month, the brand has just rebranded as YINA. And, luckily, Beauty Heroes is giving us all a generous sneak peek in its February delivery.

Recovery Body Treatment

A complete 180 from most of my body balm experiences, the YINA Recovery Body Treatment has a dense yet surprisingly easily scoopable texture. It melts into the skin like a cream and absorbs without oily residue or stickiness. The entire application process is transformative; this coming from a guy who is not a fan of body butter. I did buy them butters at The Body Shop circa 2000 (we all were back then) but I really became addicted to the lightweight-ness of Free + True Body Prophet last year. Anyway, I’m into body butters again because that YINA balm is very much as spreadable as… well, butter. 

Ingredient highlights go to Calendula, which is perhaps responsible for delivering the formula’s rich, golden hue, Cupacau and Shea Butters for the uniquely comforting cushion of nutritious moisture, as well as Hinoki, Horsetail, Siler Root, and Skullcap. Ginger Root supplies much appreciated warmth during the cold spell we’re getting treated to up North. Tamanu and Sea Buckthorn Oils are super rich in essential fatty acids, making them just fabulous on dry skin (hello and goodbye ashy elbows of mine). I’m using this gem before bed or after I take a bath (which sometimes does happen first thing in the morning) and my skin is the softest it’s been in quite some time. The scent is delicate and lingers just long enough without being intrusive. The formula is brilliant. I love everything about it. 

Bian Stone Body Guasha 

I recognize how fortunate I am to receive so many tools designed to elevate my face and body care routine. They’re black, pink, green, some roll, some vibrate, some light up, and a few do all of the above. Truthfully, I don’t reach for many of them most of the time. There is something beautiful in the simplicity of the YINA Bian Stone Body Guasha tool, however. It features four distinct touch areas: curve, point, notch, and ripple to help release muscle tension and smooth out fascia to increase blood flow. 

Crafted from Bian stone, a microcrystalline that contains over 30 trace elements and minerals, this Guasha Tool can help with inflammation, mental focus, and light muscle discomfort when used properly. It’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. The instruction booklet has helped me navigate how best to put it to work. The general principle is to use long strokes and to begin at the ankles and work upward. While applying the Recovery Body Balm to the upper body, concentrate on gliding the stone toward the heart. A helpful tip I picked up is to move within both directions on the limbs but to go only in a single direction on the neck and abdomen. This seems to more effectively reduce inflammation via lymphatic drainage. 

If you’re new to Beauty Heroes, this month is a body care win. It is an excellent complement to a cold night-in scenario post hot shower or relaxing bath. Worth mentioning is the amazing value. The suggested retail of this YINA pairing is $175. If you sign up for a monthly delivery with an annual commitment upfront, each box ends up being $39.95, which is pretty nuts. There are also 6, 3, and single month options available at attractive price points. Head to beauty-heroes.com for more info.


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