All About The Blüh Alchemy Botanic-Retinol in Beauty Heroes February Discovery

Botanical retinol has to be one beauty trend already impossible to miss this year. Particularly prominent in the green beauty space, plant-based Retinol alternatives began to make their appearances in the last few years. At first, Rosehip Seed Oil was all the rage because of its Vitamin A content (which I personally found kind of meh). Shortly afterward, Bakuchiol became the it ingredient. It doesn’t contain even a hint of Vitamin A but it delivers comparable results to those of Retinol. And, after trying a few popular formulas, I agree. 

This month, Beauty Heroes unveiled their February Discovery featuring Blüh Alchemy and if you’ve been shopping around for a clean alternative to Retinol, grab this box. Quickly. The curation includes two full size picks: Botanic-Retinol Cell Renewal Concentrate (hero but make it super) and The Eye Oil Serum (sidekick every superhero needs). 

But first…

Blüh Alchemy cuts zero corners and always goes the extra mile to craft impressive formulas that work. By using a cellular extraction process (groundbreaking technology introduced in Asia), the brand brought us the genius and crazy-effective Multi C Serum with stable Vitamin C derived from wild-harvested Kakadu Plum. The shelf life for this gem is an unheard-of 2 years. 

Botanic Retinol

The new Botanic Retinol targets loss of hydration, antioxidant protection, fine lines, enlarged pores, breakouts, and uneven skin tone. If you don’t struggle with any of the above, you’re on the wrong website. Click here instead. For those still reading, Blüh Alchemy employs the same cellular extraction process and delivers a potent, synergistic complex of five antioxidant-rich and collagen-boosting botanicals, which address and correct the skincare conundrums described above. Oh, that’s in addition to Bakuchiol, which, as mentioned earlier, replicates the corrective properties of Retinol. 

You may be wondering, what are these impressive botanicals? During a zoom call with Becky (with the good skin) Blüh and Beauty Heroes, I learned all about these exotic plant extracts, all of which were new to me:

  • Tasmanian Kelp, which has proven to outperform Hyaluronic Acid in providing lasting hydration
  • Tamarind Seed Extract, an abundant source of minerals and antioxidants
  • Flame Tree promotes free radical protection and brightens skin 
  • Emu Apple, rich in phytonutrients and Vitamin C
  • Cacay Nut Oil, which contains 68% Linoleic Acid and 3 times more Retinol than Rosehip Seed Oil

When & How to use

Here’s even more good news. Unlike traditional retinoids, botanical alternatives won’t trigger sun sensitivity and are suitable for daytime use. You still should use sunscreen daily because common knowledge but there is no risk of the dreaded redness, peeling or flaking. Doing a patch test is always a good idea. If you’re using Blüh Alchemy Multi C Serum, keep it as part of your PM regimen and use Botanic Retinol during the day. Almost liquigel in texture, it feels more water than oil-based and absorbs instantly. Those familiar with the unique scent of Blue Tansy will instantly recognize the light grassy/earthy aroma. Another signature trait of this particular ingredient is the blue-green jewel tone of this serum. 

Yay or Nay

In short: I’m obsessed. A huge fan of Retinol, I’m noticing visibly brighter and radiant skin since I’ve incorporated Botanic Retinol to my morning line up. I’m not going to claim that it erased deep wrinkles since just last week I had 40cc of Botox shot up into my movie projector sized forehead. What I have noticed, however, is firmer healthier-looking skin. It has also tightened the enlarged pores in my T-zone. Two thumbs up. 

Eye Oil Serum

Once a hero, the Eye Oil Serum is making its return, but as a sidekick this time around. The formula is packed with potent botanicals and the slim glass bottle with a metal rollerball tip applicator is a travel case dream come true. It’s a silky blend of plant oils that highlights Raw Green Coffee Bean (de-puffing, stimulating), Cucumber Seed (soothing, protecting), and Hibiscus Extracts (dubbed ‘the Botox plant’ for its firming benefits) as the powerhouse trifecta. If you fear using an oil around the eyes, know that the formula won’t migrate past the lash line (still, apply sparingly) and absorbs quite well. Personally, I am enjoying it but I’m just not an eye-oil person. I prefer cream textures. Right now, I am using it at night with a cream during the day since it works better with an undereye concealer. 

Considering the February Discovery is valued at $222, the Beauty Heroes price (varies but can be less than $40 if you opt for a 6- or 12-month prepaid subscription). Learn more over at


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