Augustinus Bader Launches The Face Oil And It’s As Good As You Think

Here’s the most often asked product-related question I continuously receive on Instagram DM: “is the Augustinus Bader cream worth it?”. I actually can’t believe I haven’t ever covered the royal blue masterpiece before. In short: if your budget can accommodate the splurge, it is very much worth it. I love The Rich Cream, which is quite surprising as I te nd to go for lighter formulas most of the time. This is especially the case during colder months when it stars as my sole overnight treatment; it seriously has my skin looking shockingly better by morning. Now, if you’re not into cream textures and prefer silky oils, Augustinus Bader has just launched The Face Oil. Before you slide into my DMs to ask whether it’s worth the splurge check out my brief overview below. 

The AB difference aka TFC8

Augustinus Bader is best known for its iconic does-it-all moisturizer that is to be applied on clean skin with absolutely no product layered on beforehand. No essences, no serums. It’s not that The Cream won’t play well with others but rather that it delivers its best performance in a solo role. The patented TFC8 complex makes these intriguing formulas most effective. It’s a blend of amino acids, vitamins, and synthesized molecules found in our bodies naturally, which stimulates the regenerating and healing process of the skin tissue. Professor Bader, founder of his namesake brand is a world renowned stem cell and biomedical scientist who successfully translated his expertise into luxurious and effective topical formulas. Truly impressive.

The Face Oil

The Augustinus Bader Face Oil has a rich golden hue, which, at first, appears to be as robust in texture. It’s surprisingly lightweight and absorbs like a dream. After the initial excitement of sampling this latest launch on the back of my hand (we all do this, right?), I couldn’t stop touching the area, which instantly felt like silk. I’m happy to report, it triggered a similar phenomenon on my face. 

Let’s talk ingredients.

In addition to the patented TFC8 technology, the Grapeseed and Jojoba base is infused with Babassu, Argan, Hazelnut, Cranberry and Karanja Oils. A quick google search revealed that the Karanja tree, cousin to Neem, is known in Ayurvedic medicine for its wound healing properties. Give me all the Karanja. The formula combines the blend of oils with a range of botanical extracts such as Pomegranate, Seabuckthorn, Chamomile, Horse Chestnut, and Licorice Root to help you achieve that signature glow. Think of this launch as your all-in-one firming, brightening, refining, strengthening, and protective solution. 

How & When?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can wear a face oil during the day and not resemble a disco ball, by all means —  I’m actually jealous. Personally, my skin doesn’t do well with facial oils in the AM, regardless how lightweight the formula. This is especially true in warmer months. So, I’m using the AB Face Oil exclusively at night and have found that it absorbs pretty quickly. When the temperatures drop significantly, I will experiment with it under sunscreen during the day — I’ll have an update around Thanksgiving or so. According to the brand, this newness is suitable for all skin types. My impression and experience is based on the fact that my skin is combination, with an oily and easily congested T-zone that is prone to enlarged pores.

Do you need both Cream and Oil tho?

Absolutely not. Doubling up on your dose of TFC8 won’t double your results. For those who prefer facial oils either because of their texture, ingredient deck, or simply because they are a better fit in their routines, The Face Oil is an attractive option. A few drops warmed up in your palms and pressed into skin is all it takes. Cocktailing serums with a face oil (I love doing that with my Hyaluronic Acid serums the most), can be a great way to skip steps in your routine without cutting corners. Not sure if it’s just me but I also find a bottle of oil lasts me longer than traditional moisturizer.

Do you need it?

If your skin can use a boost of radiance and you are able to justify the price tag, try it. The Augustinus Bader Face Oil will no doubt become yet another cult favorite as it’s a true standout in what is fast becoming a crowded face oil space. 

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  1. August 28, 2020 / 10:23 am

    Great review and really appreciate your insights before starting mine xx

    • omgbart
      August 28, 2020 / 10:42 am

      Thanks, Genaya! Cannot wait to hear what you think about The Face Oil!

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