Favorite Products That Extend That Summer Holiday Glow Into Fall

And just like that, it’s Fall. From now until Halloween or on whatever date we turn the clocks back and the days get depressingly shorter, I pretend that I still have some of the summer glow we’re excited about come May or June. Or better said, I boost my skincare routine with a product or two technically classified as makeup but which does not require special application skills. In short, one that is extremely approachable. As much I enjoy the skincare part of selfcare, I am not good at all with makeup. My personal requirements in this category are simple: products must be easy to use and deliver natural looking results. Without further ado and in no particular order, are my recommendations to attaining holiday luminosity after the summer weather turns on us.

I am also posting completely unedited photos in this post — there is no brightening, sharpening, tweaking contrast, shadows, etc. Photos were taken during the day in bright sunlight to give you an idea of texture, shimmer or not, before blending into the skin. The back of my hand is also slightly more than vs. the usual Fall pastiness.

Clarins SOS Primer (01 Rose Shade)

Clarins offers a wide range of subtly hued makeup primers, which I swear are slightly tinted hybrids of the iconic Beauty Flash Balm. Of all the color options, the Rose shade looks most natural on my skin (pink undertones that can’t handle anything yellow). The color correcting properties blur minor imperfections and create a radiant finish that could be, but doesn’t need to be followed by makeup. I find that it makes me look so rested — think a long summer weekend away.  Or the doctor recommended eight hours of sleep. It also makes for a perfect travel partner and fights jet lag related skin fatigue. $39 (30ml) clarinsusa.com

Jones Road Miracle Balm (Au Naturel)

I have not been able to try the newer shades of Jones Road Miracle Balm such as Magic Hour (it’s on the list, not to worry) but the neutral ‘Au Naturel’ shade does all the heavy lifting without leaving behind a trace of pigment on my skin. This is a formula I use only on certain areas of my skin: the cheekbones and a teeny tiny bit right in the middle of my brows in the upward direction. It adds the most healthy gleam that has me looking three mimosas into living my best life. Most recently, I’ve dabbed it on my face over a thin layer of the Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for Men and I’m obsessed. Also, in a pinch, I’ve used it as a hair pomade and have been very pleased with the results of this grooming emergency.. P.S. The jar will last forever, especially if you treat yourself to The Everything Brush. $38 (1.76 oz) for the balm, $40 for the brush at credobeauty.com

Versed Mood Lighting Drops

Launched over the summer, the Versed Mood Lighting Drops are available in two perfectly sheer shades: Golden and Bronze. Versed is also the thinnest, lightest, and most iridescent highlighting formula in my edit. What’s especially great about this super adaptable solution is its versatility. On days I am feeling myself, I mix a few drops with my serum or daytime moisturizer for an all-over glow. Most days, I apply a couple of drops to where I want you to think I have cheekbones for an extra dimension and radiance. Less is more here since the light reflecting properties are quite visible (but not full-on glitter quite yet). $17.99 (15ml) versedskin.com

Graydon Face Glow 

If I were to list skincare related hobbies, testing tinted moisturizers would be at the top of the list. Easily among my highest rated, the Graydon Face Glow is one of the most foolproof and satisfying formulas. The creamy texture feels very lightweight on the skin, stays on for hours without oxidizing, provides very sheer coverage with just enough bronzy glow that is not glittery, and smells delicious. And while technically not labeled sunscreen, Face Glow contains non-nano Zinc Oxide to protect against UV exposure. During the summer months, two pumps over a hydrating serum has been my go-to routine before a dinner out. I’ve just started my third bottle (which was part of the Beauty Heroes September discovery if you need another reason to subscribe). $46 (1.65 oz) at beauty-heroes.com

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