Maelove Adds Marula Oil To Their Lineup!

A bit over a year ago I wrote about three Marula Oil formulas that ranged significantly in price (and all that contributed to both value and quality). You can still check out those musings here. Most recently, Maelove, a brand known for the impressive Glow Maker serum, added another star to their tight lineup: Pure Marula Oil. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that this single ingredient potion is my all time favorite facial oil. More on my current level of excitement and why the $27.95 bottle belongs in your stash below.


Maelove’s supplier of Marula Oil is the same one used by brands that retail their labeled products at much higher price points. I can’t name names but having used the Maelove product for a couple of weeks, I believe it. The oil is cold pressed and comes from wildly harvested nut trees native to South

Africa. The nourishing and antioxidant properties are uncompromised since no heat has been applied. In this case, ‘sustainably sourced’ has earned its moment in the spotlight and is so much more than buzzy marketing. Their farming practices are respectful of the planet’s resources and support local communities. Oh, and it’s organic, too!

Why I love it…

Besides the healing, smoothing, and radiance-boosting perks, Marula Oil never feels heavy on my combination skin. It is the only face oil that I can wear year-round and one of the very few superb multitaskers. A few drops on my damp hair after washing keeps it shiny and frizz-free all day long (conditioner who?). Its simple composition mixes well with any water-based serum — a perfect solution for those who prefer cocktailing vs layering their anti-aging solutions.

Harvested in South Africa, photographed in Connecticut wilderness…

And why you will, too.

The Maelove Pure Marula Oil is noticeably lightweight. It feels silkier and a tad more runny than African Botanics or Drunk Elephant. In true Marula fashion, it is fast-absorbing and surprisingly non-oily. The scent is super faint — slightly nutty? It will also never clog pores, which is great news for anyone prone to congestion or for those apprehensive about using plant oils as facial treatments.

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