Biotherm Wonder Mud – My Canadian Drugstore Find of the Summer

biotherm wonder mud mask review inhautepursuit

Can someone please tell me why I always associate Biotherm with Macy’s or Duty-Free counters at airports? I rarely visit Macy’s (and if you’ve shopped at the iconic Herald Square location in NYC, you know it ain’t no Miracle on 34th Street) and my airport hauls are very one-track-minded (replenishing staples), so my exposure to this brand is embarrassingly limited. Was their Stateside presence so exclusive that it backfired because I believe they have pulled out of Macy’s since my last visit.

biotherm wonder mud masque review inhautepursuit

It was during a trip to Canada last month that the famed Shoppers Drug Mart kept calling me to the mothership. Like a sheep, I followed. Filled with brands as diverse as Clarins and Shiseido, this drugstore blurs the lines between household goods and prestige in the most subtle of ways. An overzealous sales associate promptly rewarded my enthusiasm and shadowed me within minutes. Her raves about the Biotherm Wonder Mud Masque were never ending and so in order to shake her, I grabbed a jar. Luckily!

biotherm wonder mud review masque mask inhautepursuit

What appears to be the latest addition to the Biotherm line is not easy to find in the US. If you can get crafty or have someone abroad hook you up with a jar – by all means, I fully support this decision. Maybe I’m biased because I freak out over a good mask, but this Kaolin Clay based treatment is extremely impressive. As someone who’s been around the block a few times can attest, I would describe Wonder Mud Masque as a hybrid of two of my most reached for formulas: GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD and Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant.


Smize game strong.

Biotherm Skin Best Wonder Mud is so creamy, its consistency borders on a mousse. It spreads like a dream and because it’s non-drying, wears comfortably without tightening nor pulling. The elegant base is comprised of a Moroccan and Rhassoul clay blend to refine pores, detoxifie and oxygenate dull skin. Added Green Micro Algae helps correct and prevent free radical damage, ultra fine Apricot Seed Powder gently resurfaces, and a handful of moisture binding agents ensure all skin types benefit from this glow reviving treatment. Best of all, it only takes three minutes to work, making it an official go-to while racing to get ready on a hectic morning (remember the non-drying part, which allows for sipping coffee and talking without experiencing discomfort).

biotherm mud mask review wonder inhautepursuit

Apply Biotherm Wonder Mud to clean dry skin, wait three minutes and add some water to massage the masque in a circular motion. Then, rinse it off completely. Freshly exfoliated, radiant, smooth and visibly brighter, my complexion is thrilled to have Biotherm in rotation again. Major props for the deliciously fresh floral aroma that invigorates without overpowering. The stately, paperweight-like glass jar most definitely spruces up the vanity.

Actually, just found it on for $55 a jar. Random.

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