Best Of: Tata Harper Face Cleansers

Ask my friends and they’ll tell you confirm I’m the consummate enabler with regard to skincare indulgences. This is not to say that I recommend things frivolously. Take cleansers, for example. Some ask, “why splurge?” on a product you rinse down the drain after a few seconds. I say this: proper cleansing is critical to an effective skincare routine and that minute or two is crucial to achieving any goal. 

Over the years, I’ve found cleansers a reliable introduction to brands new to me. Today, I’m sharing three of my favorite cleansers from Tata Harper, all of which are low-key posh, full-on decadent, and satisfyingly effective. Their signature green glass bottle is an aesthetic perk sink side. 

Regenerating Cleanser

Truly a treatment cleanser, this is a formula from which my blackhead-prone skin benefits most. Especially during warmer months. It’s gentle enough to use daily but I opt for it a few times a week to make room for a handful of liquid exfoliant favorites I keep in rotation. The Regenerating Cleanser works best when applied to dry skin. The creamy clay texture, studded with buffing particles (Apricot Seed Powder to be precise) gets to work right away, and before adding water. I take a minute, use light pressure to massage it in, and focus on my T-zone, which has been displaying way too many uninvited blackheads, of late. After stepping into the shower (I tend to reach for this one in the morning), I wet my hands and continue cleansing for another minute before rinsing. 

a single pump of Regenerating Cleanser

By taking my time, I allow both Willow Bark Extract and Pomegranate Enzymes to dissolve oil and grime deep within the pores. The combination helps slough off dead cell build up from the surface of the skin, too. It’s one of the more potent cleansing formulas in my repertoire, but never triggers dryness or irritation. Soothing and nourishing ingredients also include Arnica, Calendula, Borage, Alfalfa, and Meadowsweet Extracts. This gem of a cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and looking radiant every single time. Scent profile: fruity herbaceous. 

Superkind Softening Cleanser

Part of the Superkind range, which tends to all the needs of our skin biome, this everyday cleanser is the most gentle of the Tata Harper line up. It’s also formulated without essential oils, making it completely fragrance-free. Read: perfect for anyone with reactive and sensitive complexions (of those recovering from a procedure). This formula goes on damp skin and lathers beautifully to deliver a cushiony cleansing experience. It may be unscented but the sensorial journey here is all about the texture. 

a single pump of Softening Cleanser

What makes the Softening Cleanser such a pleasure to use is the absolutely sublime creamy consistency that transforms into a barely-there-lather, courtesy of Tata Harper’s micro-foaming botanical blend. It’s packed with skin softening botanicals such as Jojoba Esters, Maracuja, Calendula, Borage Leaf, and Magnolia Bark Extracts. Be aware there is a touch of Lactic Acid, which delivers very mild exfoliation, and is suitable for everyday use. I absolutely love using it in the mornings with my Foreo LUNA 4 cleansing device.

Nourishing Oil Cleanser

This is a flawlessly crafted cleansing oil. Emphasis on flawlessly. It’s nourishing. It removes all traces of my tinted sunscreen. It liquifies with water like a dream. It leaves my skin feeling like I’ve just walked out of an expensive facial. Most importantly, the silky texture makes it last forever; just 1-2 pumps deliver a thorough end-of-day cleanse. It’s the first step in my double cleanse. To complete the ritual, I love to follow up with the Superkind formula. It also works as a do-it-all single step on nights on which I remove it with a hot cloth. Try it.

a single pump of Nourishing Cleansing Oil

A quick glance at the INCI proves it’s an expertly balanced blend of cleansing and nourishing plant oils. This golden fusion is packed with antioxidant-rich botanicals that leave the skin not only perfectly clean, but glowing as well. Known for their focus on natural resources, Tata Harper has created a cleanser that boasts a 100% all-natural formula with over half the ingredients used being sourced via organic farming practices.  

$88 each (125ml) at,,

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