Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen (plant-based, vegan and seriously impressive)

If the number of products in our bathroom were to deliver on their “Fountain of Youth” claims, we would have more fountains than Rome. Dozens of formulas land on my desk each week, so the bar for performance is raised pretty high. The Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen launched earlier this year and has been more than living up to its hype. The innovative concept is among the most impressive I have run across, of late. Think holy grail status.

What is it?

The new Genius ancillary combines technological advances with the purity derived only from active ingredients. This vegan powerhouse aims to deliver glow, bounce, and firmness to aging skin. Aside from its intriguing name, this treatment product is fueled by the 13,000 Microalgae Oil beads in every bottle. Give or a take a few, right? Each freshly encapsulated sphere contains Alguronic Acid, Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Peptides, Peptides, and Amino Acids in addition to Plant Collagen. This crafty blend strengthens, fortifies, and restores radiance, and promises visible results in just 10 days. Guess what? It’s totally true.

How & When

The suspended beads resemble fish roe in the clear bottle and while the texture may appear slightly chunky (think lard – honestly, truly), Liquid Collagen will melt into the skin the way water does. Dispense a full dropper onto your fingertips and press the liquid directly into the skin. The tiny orbs will burst on contact, which ensures the freshest dose of anti-aging actives. Suitable for all types of skin, the weightless solution should be applied to clean, dry skin, before your serum or moisturizer (and after an essence if you use one) during your AM or/and PM regimen. I extend this Genius application up to the lash line… because I don’t plan on any needles around my eyes just yet. The scent is faint, pleasant, and does not linger.

The dropper… would benefit from improvement. Even when you the follow the instructions for use, you’ll still find the pipette too narrow for the viscous ‘liquid.’ Pull the dropper out, press the dispenser down, insert the wand in the bottle, and release the applicator as it fills with product.

Why tho?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and the one responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. That bouncy fullness, however, starts to lose its momentum when we reach our mid twenties, as the production of collagen begins to decline without being replenished. Yes, certain foods boost collagen production (dark green anything, berries, and my personal favorite: oysters!) and there are some great supplements available. While I do all the above, this topical treatment has improved my skin’s texture, tone, and overall radiance significantly.

At $115 (30ml), Liquid Collagen is on the pricey side. After a month of use, however, the complexion perfecting benefits I have experienced definitely justify the splurge. Available at,

*press sample

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