RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Lotion

I first encountered RèVive almost twenty years ago when I convinced myself I needed to try the iconic Moisturizing Renewal Cream. Glycolic Acid had begun to make the rounds and I fell hard for editors’ life-changing discoveries penned in beauty columns, and new-to-me buzzwords. Hook, line, and sinker. What I learned: my skin was not ready for such advanced treatments. 

Luckily, I tend to live by the quote “Never say never” by the famous Canadian lyricist and philosopher Justin Bieber. I scaled back on my AHAs adventures and eventually re-visited RèVive a few years later. I can tell you that this same moisturizer that proved too intense for my skin still became one of the most impressive night creams on my (back then) minimal shelfie. Next to retinoids, it has been my most potent night cream for the longest time. Actually, it still is. 

As I get older, my skin’s need for AHA exfoliation has become more of a need than a preference so I’ve been particularly interested in the latest resurfacing treatments. When I heard that RèVive was launching Moisturizing Renewal Lotion – the same iconic formula with a more lightweight texture, I just knew that my combination skin was in for a summer treat. After two months of incorporating this newness into my routine, I wanted to come back with a quick review/update. 

What is it?

Moisturizing Renewal Lotion Dual Nightly Retexturizer is an overnight treatment that’s used to address uneven tone, dullness, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and enlarged pores. And if that doesn’t sound like a tall enough order, it also provides the ultimate balance of moisture and hydration to the skin. This nightly treatment did not come to play. 

If you’re new to the RèVive brand, the ‘renewal’ collection has a cult following for a reason – the remarkable results. Dr. Gregory Brown who founded RèVive in 1997 has spent years researching the healing process of burn victims and pioneered the use of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) as a topical ingredient to help with this demanding challenge. 

What’s in it?

Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Gluconolactone (PHA) are the second and third ingredients in the Moisturizing Renewal Lotion. This means you can expect gentle yet extremely effective exfoliating properties throughout the upper layers of the dermis. It’s also how you’re going to achieve that dewy glow. A generous dose of antioxidant-rich Green Tea and Licorice Extracts ensures free radical protection while RèVive’s proprietary Bio-Renewal Peptide accelerates the skin’s renewal process. There is no fragrance, no tingling, and no slippery texture. I’ve also not experienced any redness when using the Moisturizing Renewal ancillaries (including the eye cream), something AHA formulas can trigger. 

How and When

The new Moisturizing Renewal Lotion is your go-to overnight treatment. I cleanse, tone, apply a serum of choice, and then finish with two pumps of the new lotion. I skip any kind of exfoliation (cleanser, peel pad, etc) on nights I reach for my RèVive Moisturizing Renewal formula. Since this summer has been pretty brutal weather-wise, I haven’t needed to apply additional cream or oil on top and have yet to wake up to tight-feeling or flaking skin. During the winter, I may add my favorite face oil to the mix as the last step but I’m weeks away from trying out this option. 

Yay or Nay

As mentioned in the opener, this is a heavy-duty AHA/PHA treatment that works best for skin types that are exhibiting beginning to advanced signs of aging. If you aren’t reaching for anti-aging formulas yet, I’d probably wait before investing in something like the RèVive Moisturizing Renewal Lotion. I am no expert but have had a very telling first-hand experience. I started Alpha Hydroxy Acids in my late twenties when I first noticed tone and texture issues. It’s best to use AHAs only at night. Be sure never to skip your broad-spectrum SPF during the day as the renewal process has been known to cause greater sensitivity to the sun for your skin.

$195 (50ml) dermstore.com, cosbar.com, saks.com

ingredients via reviveskincare.com

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