The New & Improved Origins Ginzing Gel Cream Just Got A Boost

Fun fact: the first night cream I ever purchased originated at, you guessed it, Origins. I still remember the not-so-practical bottle of night-a-mins that was begging for a pump of sorts. The faint aroma. It really takes me back to my very early days of developing a skincare routine. Over the last few years, my absolute must-have from the brand has been the Ginzing SPF 40, which delivers the most flattering self-adjusting tint to my skin. This month, another Ginzing classic has been upgraded – the Energizing Gel Cream is now boosted with even more fatigue-fighting botanicals. All the info below!

What’s new?

The Ginzing Gel Cream now contains three different Ginseng Extracts (rich in antioxidants and B Vitamins) to really elevate the energy boosting properties. The brand claims it can now improve the moisture barrier (courtesy of added Niacinamide). It delivers round the clock radiance (could it be 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid, the impressively stable Vitamin C derivative that is both water and oil soluble?). There is also a nod to the texture that doesn’t pill (my biggest pet peeve) and another to fully recyclable packaging. I’d say these are pretty stellar improvements. 

More on ingredients:

While I did highlight some key players in the paragraph above, a handful of other ingredients is also worth mentioning. One of the constants in the Ginzing collection is Coffee Extract, which  boosts skin’s microcirculation and provides a visible revitalizing effect, particularly when the skin feels dull, lackluster, or jet lagged. The new Gel Cream also contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Sodium PCA to instantly rehydrate parched complexion, anti-inflammatory Brown Algae Extract, Pomegranate Sterols to protect against free radical damage, and Ginger Root Extract to help even out skin tone with consistent use. Yes, the moisturizer contains traces of essential oils that provide a faint, fresh citrus scent (The scent does not linger more than a few seconds after application).

Layering a gel-cream

Fast-drying gel textures can be tricky when it comes to layering other, richer formulas over them most of the time. The Origins Ginzing Gel Cream takes no time to absorb and luckily does not pill on the skin. With that said, I learned it’s best to combine your hydration and moisture steps with hydration coming first (gel or liquid textures), and followed by a richer, creamier lotion, cream or even oil. 

During the day, my lightweight sunscreens (think Le Prunier Plumscreen or Tula Mineral Magic) do great when applied over the Ginzing Gel Cream. It’s not super common for me to use an energizing formula before bed (but not totally impossible) but when the weather is cooler, I seal my PM routine with a few drops of a facial oil on top. If you’re looking for a refreshing, lightweight moisturizer to help with overall dullness, the price point couldn’t be more wallet friendly. 

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