Estée Lauder ANR Eye Concentrate Matrix

Quite possibly the most recognized bronze bottle in the world of skincare, the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair face serum has achieved icon status. The ubiquitous shade of brown is as familiar as Tiffany blue or Hermès orange. Joining the genius line up of overnight miracle workers, the latest launch of Eye Concentrate Matrix had me overly excited. Having had great success with other ancillaries such as Ampoules and Mask-in-Oil, this newness had been at the top of my skincare wishlist.

While the ANR range already caters to the area under the eyes with amazing Serum and Gel Creme options, both are geared to fight early signs of aging. Maybe it’s because I turned thirty-seven a couple of weeks ago that I am taking a closer look at my own eye care. See what I did there? Twice.

Formulated to deliver both preventative and corrective measures to the delicate area under the eyes, the new Eye Concentrate Matrix is a great option for those who squint, laugh, or like yours truly, smize around the clock. Actually, anyone over thirty should consider incorporating this one into her skincare regimen.

Seriously though…

The exquisite glass bottle with wand applicator featuring a slightly bulked tip (to perfect that orbital massage gig) is just stunning. Housed inside, the lush and creamy texture goes moisture miles beyond a serum or gel-creme. Expect instant hydration and lasting comfort hours after you wake up. Speaking from experience, and as someone who has been traveling for a month, I can assure you that the repairing and fortifying promises do NOT fall flat. This is beauty sleep at its finest.

What’s in it?

Twice the concentration of ultra hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, moisture rich Camelina Oil and soothing botanicals such as Cucumber, Chamomile and Lady’s Thistle Extracts deliver depuffing, brightening and smoothing results in a single application. And speaking of… Since polymers play a key anti-aging role (think of them as a nylon like netting), it is important that you finish your application with a patting motion rather than by rubbing. It not only guarantees proper absorption, but it maximizes the firming results. Added Algae and Hoelen Mushroom Extracts provide superb antioxidant protection while a touch of silicone gives a luxurious slip to this lotion balm hybrid.

Final Thoughts

Love love love the creamy formula and how rested my eyes look in the morning. The applicator wand, however, is not among my favorites. Double dipping aside, I wish it would scoop up an equal amount of product each time. Between the narrow tip and the opaque bottle, I won’t be able to tell when I’m running low on this fantastic formula. I suggest that you set aside my OCD knit-picking and give the latest ANR a try! $69 (15ml)

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