The New EVE LOM Gel Balm Cleanser is Even Better Than It Sounds

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Undeniably a pioneer in the balm texture department, the iconic EVE LOM Cleanser has been a staple in some of the most coveted vanities for precisely thirty years now. While a complete fanatic of the meltaway concept, this particular formula was just a tad time consuming for yours truly. And while I keep the OG on hand at all times (because spa night), I refuse to be without the significantly less fussy and more guy appropriate Morning Time option.

Impressed Party of One

Newness Alert!

Until now. To celebrate thirty years of expertise, EVE LOM just launched a brand new Gel Balm Cleanser. Packaged in a travel friendly bottle with a pump dispenser (capped to keep it spill free on-the-go), the recent addition exquisitely combines the lush and luxe experience of *the* Cleanser with water loving properties of Morning Time. Incredibly easy to use and magical in its performance, this makeup, dirt, grime and excess oil remover is officially my new favorite from the legendary British brand.

Pump + Cap = much appreciated

What’s in it?

Known for impeccable herbal concoctions, the new EVE LOM Gel Balm Cleanser is fueled by nourishing Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil. Infused with a proprietary enzyme blend to gently resurface, it helps achieve that fresh face glow. Rich in essential fatty acids Lecithin helps restore dull, sallow complexion while Spent Grain Wax, Argan and Olive Oils provide immediate nourishment and ensure the cleansing process never strips the skin’s protective barrier.


Cloth or No Cloth?

Personally, I consider this best news in cleanser launches with the word ‘balm’ in their name. Completely emulsified with water, the new Gel Balm Gem does not require a cloth! Amen. Suggested to use on damp skin, it works phenomenally well applied to dry skin as well. It actually officially replaced the Morning Time in my skincare arsenal.

Why yes, it’s an outdoor tub in the background… oh, Soho Farmhouse, how I miss you so…

The familiar bouquet of clove, eucalyptus, hops and chamomile oils, gives the new addition the trademark EVE LOM aromatherapy perk. Intense but not overpowering, I find the scent calming and relaxing. Side note for those who appreciate a double cleanse ritual: use the Gel Balm as a follow up to the original Cleanser.

Gel Balm Hybrid Nailed

The gel consistency is firm enough to form soft peaks upon dispensing but turns into an oil immediately upon contact with (dry) skin. It liquifies beautifully turning into milky foam and rinses off without a trace. Refreshed and sparkling clean, your skin is perfectly prepped for serums and moisturizers. Whether you follow up with soothing agents or powerful actives, proper cleansing ensures all formulas penetrate the skin more efficiently to deliver desired results.

100% Water-Loving


It is safe to say that the new Gel Balm Cleanser has completely reignited my EVE LOM skin affair. For the last month, a full size bottle has been traipsing around with me all over Europe and it’s done phenomenally well in all sorts of skin and weather related situations. Even the ever minimalist husband of mine finds it approachable and easy to use. Available exclusively at until September, it retails for $60 (100ml) Try it, you will not be disappointed.

*press sample


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