Shampoo Who? – WEN by Chaz Dean – Bamboo Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner

When I first heard that shampoo might not be good for me, well… ignorance is bliss. After living in denial a bit longer, I caved while home alone late at night, restless, and watching QVC. Celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean spoke with such conviction that I ordered my first bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner with my iPhone while lying in bed. Current crush? #BambooGreenTea

The concept behind WEN is as simple as it is revolutionary. You give up shampoo and use WEN to both cleanse and condition. It is detergent and sulfate free so forget about lather. With your color lasting longer, a healthier scalp, and no frizz you won’t miss it. WEN offers an array of scent specific formulas to accommodate every hair and scalp type as well as any potential allergies. #WenForMeWenForYou

Really NEW

With seven core formulas, Chaz launches a mouth watering limited time only scent each season. This past Spring, Bamboo Green Tea made an appearance and HFS did it sell! It sold so well that it actually made the core line up! I grabbed one as soon as I could and never looked back. This universal formula with a zen spa scent completes any shower experience and is by far my favorite. #SevenWonders

Cocktailing formulas is encouraged.
Cocktailing formulas is encouraged.


Bamboo Green Tea is rice protein based, packed with peptides, marine collagen and seaweed extract. Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, bamboo water strengthens the hair. A natural source of silica, bamboo extract also helps with hair growth. The patented four tea complex (white, green, red, black) serves as a powerhouse of antioxidants. #MyCupOfTea

About my hair:

It’s the only straight thing about me. Thermal reconditioning (Japanese hair straightening) is on my calendar every 4 months. With thick hair and lots of it, WEN Bamboo Green Tea gives me all the volume and shine I need without weighing it down.The sides and back clipped short, the top of my head is where it all happens. #Showtime!

Cleanse. Style. Nourish.
Cleanse. Style. Nourish.

Explore the world on WEN on Chaz also offers 3 formulas in WEN Kids (without menthol). Being a huge animal lover, he also has created WEN Pets. I am saving his Six Thirteen for another post as even though it’s part of his core line, it takes cleansing to a whole new level. More to the point, on 6/13 he is launching a matching fragrance. #NEW!

TSA friendly. Enough said.
TSA friendly. Enough said.


  1. May 20, 2014 / 2:14 pm

    It seems like a lot of people are using cleansing conditioners these days i got to try the new Ojon one and omg its amazing makes my hair feel so soft and not all straw like haha

  2. June 1, 2014 / 10:55 am

    Ohhhhh, I need to try the Ojon one. I stopped using them after the ELC acquisition but hopefully they’re back with great formulas. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Cooper
    May 18, 2015 / 11:38 pm

    Hi, I’m recently new to Wen and have a few questions with your experience with it.

    I have bought two Wens (Fig and Sweet Almond Mint) from Sephora. I’ve heard that Sephore holds a different kind than QVC. I really like co-washing but for some reason, the two are really drying my hair out.

    How do you clean you hair with Wen usually because you and I appear to have the same length.


    • May 19, 2015 / 5:16 am

      Hey Cooper –

      Yes, I have heard about the differences between QVC and Sephora formulas. I believe the Sephora WEN is the same as infomercial WEN as it meets international guidelines via Guthy Renker. With that said, I’ve only had the QVC formulas.

      I’ve never cared for Sweet Almond Mint and as my hair is chemically processed (Japanese hair straightening), I’ve enjoyed Fig despite the scent. When Bamboo Green Tea came out, I couldn’t wait to try it and I loved both scent and performance. I’ve also added WEN MEN to the rotation after being sent a bottle by Chaz’s PR team.

      Full dislosure: I loathe gender specific products that are labeled as ‘men’ formulas. I like the scent of WEN MEN (don’t love) but found it worked great on my hair. I’ve always done 1 cleanse only and *sometimes* would leave half a pump in soaking wet hair as a leave in. Every couple of weeks I’d use the 613 formula, too.

      I’ve tried the styling products and didn’t love any. The oils were too much for my scalp and hair, too big a production.

      With all that said, a couple of months ago, my hair became incredibly dry and after 4 years of using WEN exclusively, I am taking a break from it. Surprisingly, my hair looks and feels amazing!

      Onto another shocker. As a blogger, I am lucky to receive product to play with and I’ve been LOVING the Aveda shampoo and conditioner for MEN. Go figure. The conditioner is cooling and adds an amazing tingle to the scalp. It’s fantastic in the summer.

      What’s your hair like? Do you use styling products? How long have you been using WEN? Happy to answer other questions. I’m still confused how Bamboo Green Tea and MEN were so hydrating initially and then turned on me leaving my hair looking like straw.

      • Cooper
        May 19, 2015 / 12:12 pm

        Thanks for the fast reply-

        I have the Tea Tree and Sweet Almond Mint coming in this week from QVC as well as a Tea Tree reMoist mask as well. I’m hoping the QVC formula works for me, but if not I’ll just have to try something else.

        I may have to try WEN Men out. Smells have never bothered me, just as long as it works.

        I’m actually a huge Aveda fan and love their Men Aftershave/Lotion. I used the Men Shampoo and Conditioner for a while, but it ultimately dried my hair out. I loved the smell and the tingling sensation the conditioner made on my scalp though.

        Currently, I’m using their Dry Remedy Shampoo and the Be Curly Conditioner. I really enjoy it but was hoping that WEN would be a great product for me. Aveda also has a Be Curly Co-Wash coming out this summer and I’m really interested in trying that.

        My hair though is pretty dry and wavy. It’s kind of course, but I don’t use much styling products. I currently have an undercut so it’s buzzed on the sides and long on top. I put only the Damage Remedy Leave In from Aveda or It’s A 10 leave-in in my hair after the shower and I’m good to go.

        I tried WEN for the first time in March and used it twice, but stripped my hair completely. I may have put too much in my hair even though I read that more is better. I then tried the Fig hoping it would add moisture back, but it didn’t

        If you have any recommendation for styling or products, I’m all years. I’ve only recently started taking care of my appearance. I’m also an avid no sulfate kind of guy.

        Thanks again for your time and recommendations, I’m a complete new to all of this.

        P.S. – I’ve read that adding protein to you hair after a while (especially if you don’t need it) will dry your hair out. So, maybe that’s why the Bamboo Green Tea turned on you?

        • Cooper
          May 19, 2015 / 7:31 pm

          Also, I’ve had a lot of good luck with Lea Journo’s Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

          Just got back from school and noticed my reply had a lot of errors haha – apologies for that.

        • May 22, 2015 / 11:25 am

          Hey Cooper –

          You seem to be on top of things with your hair temperamental needs! I wish I was this attentive to my mane!

          Let me know your thoughts when you try the QVC formulas and see if your hair reacts differently. While it seems we’re sporting the same undercut, my hair is chemically treated (thermal reconditioning) so it may be this subtle factor that makes my hair more prone to drying out. I’ve been unaware of OD’ing on protein and sadly, the Bamboo Green Tea and WEN MEN felt best on my hair – initially…

          Keep me posted on your WENventures with the QVC swag! Have a great weekend!

          • Cooper
            June 20, 2015 / 4:28 pm

            Hey Bart,

            Just letting you know about my QVC WEN experience. Unfortunately it was not a good one, it just dried my hair out even more than it already was.

            I went back to the DevaCare line and really enjoyed that. Most recently, I found the product that worked best for my hair. It’d called Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme and the Leave-In is very good as well. It’s by the same guy who created Bumble and Bumble. I have really enjoyed it and it has kept my hair very hydrated. Just thought you would like to know in case you wanted to review it.