In Season – A Spring in Tokyo by Odacité

I discovered Odacité while searching for a mini cosmetic fridge online. Then, I thought my better half would probably notice it in our bathroom… Browsing their exquisite website, The Private Collection caught my eye. When the custom-blended A Spring in Tokyo arrived in the mail I was ecstatic. It’s gone everywhere but to Tokyo with me over the last month. #Arigatō

A Spring in Tokyo is one of four custom-blends offered by Odacité and part of The Private Collection they call Haute Couture for your skin. Though the names relate to a specific season, each addresses complexions with varying needs. The bottle of golden oil, initially created for a Japanese kabuki actress, is age-defying and purifying. Perfect for my congested skin with the social life an actress would envy. #TurningJapanese

The oil game is not easy to play. Facial oils are trendy but often times consist of more fillers than oil. Odacité offers ultra pure concentrations of the highest grade, many of which are crafted from the wild. A Spring in Tokyo cocktails alpha hydroxy rich Brazilian Cherry leaf oil with Peruvian Sacha Inchi oil that guards against free radical damage. Among an impressive list of oils are also Green Tea, Tamanu, Hazelnut and Jojoba. #NameOfTheGame


A Spring in Tokyo is surprisingly light. It penetrates deeply making it ideal for both AM and PM use. While I choose to use it only at bedtime, I hear it’s fabulous under makeup as well. It melts instantly and leaves behind a relaxing herbal aroma. You can use it alone or mix it with your favorite serum or cream, which makes it extra special. #HaveItBothWays


Valérie Grandury, a French-born film producer moved out of Los Angeles after her cancer diagnosis in 2004. She sought out the purest ingredients to blend highly potent and natural skincare for herself and her VIP clients. Five years ago, this gem of a brand started offering its fresh formulations online. Odacité’s press is global and trés chic! Not surprisingly, my first time is newsworthy. #BigInJapan

One of the most important things about Odacité is their Freshiency Date. Each item comes with a note that contains the month in which it was manufactured and the month by which some actives might begin losing their potency. Packaged in violet glass, the formulas are protected from damaging light. Everything ships directly from the lab, so nothing sits on the shelves. #FreshForYou

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