Sisley Classic Reimagined: Ecological Compound Advanced Formula

If I were to award the ‘best of’ to indulgent (and effective) face masks, Sisley would sweep the category clean. My experience with the brand has not (yet) spanned the entire skincare collection, but I do already have a few favorites beyond the mask category: the Radiance Foaming Cream and Triple-Oil Balm Cleanser, to name a few. Talk about a decadent cleansing moment. Most recently, my ‘Made in France’ horizons broadened after having tried the brand’s iconic Ecological Compound. Reimagined. Since I had never experienced the original formula, I didn’t know what to expect from the ‘advanced’ version. Only a few weeks later, I am low-key obsessed with the Ecological Compound 2.0 First impressions below.

What is it?

Originally launched in 1980 (so we have that in common), Ecological Compound has been a treasured staple of Sisley devotees for decades. Years ahead of its time, the formula has focused on balancing and strengthening the skin microbiome. What Sisley saw as the ecological environment of the skin, has become a super trend in the beauty industry in recent years. I’m totally behind this origin story. 

Having never tried the original classic it’s impossible to provide a detailed side-by-side comparison. I can tell you however, that the new emulsion has a lovely creamy texture, a beautiful faint herbaceous floral scent, and is super comforting on the skin. 

Amazing PM combination: EC + thin layer of Black Rose Cream Mask left on overnight.

What’s in it?

The silky lotion is nourishing without feeling the tiniest bit heavy. Since the ingredient deck kicks off with a Glycerin, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Shea Butter blend, I worried it would be too rich on my combination skin. Boy was I wrong–it’s actually surprisingly lightweight. Focused on skin perfecting botanicals, the Ecological Compound highlights Burdock (soothes, detoxifies), Ginseng (hydrates, evens out tone, helps with rough texture), Meadowsweet (anti-inflammatory and redness reducing source of BHA), Centella Asiatica (soothes and calms irritated skin), Hops (moisturizes, calms), and Horsetail Extract (tightens and firms). Pondering whether this product is right for you? Sisley claims that Ecological Compound is a great fit for any skin type.

How to use it?

Think perfect middle point in your skincare routine. Cleanse, then apply an essence (or toner or serum), after that, a  pump or two of this new advanced formula, and lastly, follow with a moisturizer. Speaking for myself, I can tell the Ecological Compound will deliver the ideal dose of moisture and hydration for my skin in warmer weather. It also layers really well under my sunscreen. I’ve enjoyed incorporating it into my PM routine, on non-retinol nights by combining one pump with a half dropper of whichever favorite face oil I have in rotation. I can sometimes get lazy before bed but this way, I’m not cutting any corners. 

In conclusion…

I know I’m late to the Ecological Compound game but this is among the most exquisite moisturizer formulas I’ve tried. Seemingly simple in its composition, it has been a beneficial addition to my routine. I may not reach for it daily, but it’s the first thing I grab when my skin is feeling dull, out of balance, or just a tad overwhelmed after an acid experiment or two. The aromatherapy element is the ultimate finishing touch. 

$180 (2 oz.) and $290 (4.2 oz.) at

image courtesy of Sisley Paris

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