There is something so exquisite about every TATCHA delivery that has landed in my hands since starting this blog. Every fold, bow, and detail in both primary and secondary packaging makes me gasp with joy. In short, it serves its purpose. The most recent launch is part of the Silk Canvas collection and totally lives up to the hype. As a fan of both primer formulas (I rarely do makeup but find their pore-blurring properties to be second to none), I couldn’t wait to start using The Silk Serum. Three weeks later, I am back with the scoop.

What is it?

While the new TATCHA drop is called The Silk Serum, it is not quite a straightforward ancillary to either the Silk Canvas formulas. This newness is marketed as the most anti-aging treatment currently offered by the brand. The fourth serum for TATCHA (third, if you don’t count The Serum Stick), it promotes skin-firming benefits that are comparable to those achieved by a traditional Retinol treatment product. This Retinol-alternative targets collagen depleted skin to firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Now, we have Vita-C for brightening, Dewy for plumping, and the new Silk for firming.

What’s in it?

There are three ingredient callouts in the new formula: Upcycled Cranberry Extract, which is super soothing and great at toning down redness (if your skin is redness-prone, this is a win), Sea Fennel Extract, the Retinol alternative because of its impressive collagen boosting powers. (It also energizes and rejuvenates dull skin.), and Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, a skin conditioning humectant that creates a protective antioxidant shield to minimize free radical damage. A quick glance at the ingredient deck revealed that Squalane, Algae, Camellia and Mulberry Extracts, Tetrapeptide-4, and anti-inflammatory Diglucosyl Gallic Acid are also included. There is a faint citrus scent to this new serum. Emphasis on faint.

How to use it?

Unlike conventional Retinol formulas, which are to be used exclusively at night, The Silk Serum from TATCHA will not trigger any sun sensitivities. You can use it either in the morning or at night. You can actually use it twice a day. It’s that gentle. The imagery on the brand’s website presents the product as creamy with an almost lotion-like texture. This is not the case. I’d describe the texture as very thin, even milky. It’s actually quite runny. This lightweight consistency has its benefits. It will layer great with richer moisturizers in your routine. I’ve been using it during the day without encountering pilling issues under my sunscreen. 

Final Thoughts

Since I’ve had nothing but great results using various strengths of Retinoids, I may not be the ideal candidate for The Silk Serum. With that said, it’s been a superb booster to my anti-aging efforts during the day as I absolutely love the texture and feel of it on my skin. If you’ve been burned (and I mean that literally) experimenting with Vitamin A derivatives, this alternative may be worth a shot. 

$98 (30ml) at tatcha.com

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