Currently Infatuated By: Jo Malone London Yuja Cologne

Jo Malone has been a constant in my life for almost two decades. Back in 2002, my then boyfriend gave me a bottle of Grapefruit cologne, which persuaded me immediately to move away from Calvin Klein Escape (we all make mistakes, ok?). My first job in the beauty industry was, coincidentally, in Jo Malone’s marketing department. I still remember the White Jasmine & Mint lab samples lined up on my desk prior to its official launch, but friends still say they remember me smelling of that fragrance the entire year. (Hi, Corinne!) Honestly, I’ve been a fan of Pomegranate Noir in the winter and White Jasmine & Mint in the summer for I don’t know how long, which is why I am so excited to tell you about my new summer favorite. 

This year, Jo Malone London has expanded its Spring Blossom Collection with two limited edition cologne ancillaries — Yuja and Waterlily. Making a comeback, and part of the same range, are Osmanthus Blossom and Silk Blossom. The latter two were released over the last few years with identical ‘limited edition’ airs of urgency. Moral of the story? Limited Edition = brand is testing the market. If the product being tested does well, it will be back. There is no need to hoard. And stressing limited edition during the pandemic is just not cute. 

What is Yuja?

Let’s talk Yuja. If you’re not familiar with this exotic sounding name, it’s a synonym for Yuzu, the juicy, sweet citrus you have no doubt encountered as a delicious treat during your Korean dining experience. Unlike the citrus fruits we know and love, Yuja is considered an anomaly and thrives in both sun soaked landscapes as well as temperatures that hover around freezing. Like me.

The beauty of Jo Malone London lies in its singular note approach. Each scent is potent, pure, and very much a star on its own but also which is encouraged to be blended. This leads to the approach known as fragrance combining. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed that each curation can perform solo.The Yuja launch is no exception.

How does it smell?

My prior encounter with the Yuzu fruit has been, well, very dessert-like. The Jo Malone London Yuja Cologne is anything but. While there is a great effervescent opening of bright, zesty citrus, the scent has notable anchoring notes that make it dry down with a little more body. You’ll pick up on the almost sunny, juicy Yuzu upon the first spritz. Within seconds, notes of Clary Sage and Cedarwood anchor the drydown with a soft, herbal warmth. Read: sophisticated and adult but approachable and not stuffy. I’m here for it. 

Yay or Nay?

As a huge aficionado of green citrus, I can’t get enough of the new Jo Malone London Yuja Cologne. The scent is fresh, clean, vibrant, and FUN. It doesn’t last as long as I want but if I’ve learned anything about the world of beauty it’s that you can’t have it all. Luckily, it neither lingers woodsy nor earthy, a good thing, since both can be tricky. And I’m not a fan of either. My body chemistry and Yuja get along, which is cause to celebrate. We’re six feet apart but if we weren’t, I believe strangers would inquire. P.S. Love the ombre design of the bottle. So chic. 

Available at, $72 (30ml) and $144 (100ml)


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