5 Reasons I Love My Foreo LUNA 4 (and a 25% off promo)


Foreo LUNA 4 cleansing device on shower shelf

There’s certainly no shortage of gadgets and devices in the beauty space, but how many of us struggle to actually use them?

Consistently, that is. 

Cleansing devices have always provided a gateway for boosting one’s self care. Since my first Clarisonic fifteen years ago, I have continued to dip in and out of various cleansing brushes, wands, discs, and whatnot. With that said, nothing impressed me enough to earn a permanent spot on the shower shelf. 

Until now. 

Recently, I got my hands on the most recent Foreo LUNA 4 and it has become a staple almost overnight. 

Here are five reasons why:

Foreo LUNA 4 cleansing brush with face wash

LUNA 4 is super effective

I’ve used the first-generation LUNA and loved it back in the day, but the latest release is even more innovative. The silicone bristles are softer, the pulsating modes really help efficiently dislodge dirt stuck in any pores, and they deliver ultra gentle exfoliation. Since getting back on stronger retinoids, I often wake up with dry flaky skin around my mouth– it takes only a few seconds with my new LUNA to get rid of them. The latest version comes in skin type specific designs, each delivering its signature T-Sonic pulsations in 16 different intensities and 3 cleansing modes: gentle, regular, and deep. This is the most hygienic face cleansing tool I have come across to date. 

Foreo LUNA 4 Cleansing Device with face cleansers

Foreo LUNA 4 works with almost all cleansers

My favorite way to use LUNA 4 is with a foaming formula. However, I have also found it to elevate the cleansing experience with creamy face washes that don’t lather. Surprisingly, I find the device to also be effective with cleansing balms– just be sure to use one that liquifies with water. Not so much the case with cleansing oils or micellar waters of any kind. I avoid formulas with scrubbing particles or exfoliating beads. 

Foreo LUNA 4 Cleansing Device by the sink

It makes proper cleanse a habit

The 60-second timer is a game changer. Most of us rush through the cleansing process, but a full minute with LUNA delivers the best, freshest, deepest cleanse. This is particularly helpful when using face washes with ingredients that should only be left on the skin for a minute (Salicylic or Glycolic Acids). This often helps to achieve optimal treatment benefits. On mornings when I’m feeling lazy, I’ve let the device run for two cycles.

Foreo LUNA 4 cleansing device charging

It’s a post-cleanse facial massager

Yes, Foreo LUNA 4 doubles as a facial massager! The back side with the ridges is your tool to relax and rejuvenate your complexion with the help of T-Sonic vibrations. You can perform lymphatic drainage or help your topical formulas to absorb better– I find it particularly helpful with richer oils and creams.

Foreo LUNA 4 is perfect for your travel bag.

Battery charge lasts months

I have yet to charge my LUNA 4 a second time. Did I mention it’s been 2 months? A single charge delivers hundreds of uses; it’s quite remarkable. This user-friendly perk also makes it a great travel companion– no cables or batteries required in your dopp kit. 

Yes, it’s a splurge but I find myself reaching for my LUNA 4 consistently since the results are so impressive. If this move fits your budget, I say give it a try. 

$279 at skinstore.com but if you use my code BART25, the price drops to $209.25 which is an incredible deal.

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