Read. My. Lips. (MALIN+GOETZ) mojito lip balm

What is the likelihood that a complete skincare neophyte would introduce you to a beauty brand that impresses you so much you convert to it overnight?  Throw in that the brand’s flagship store is right in the city in which you live. Survey says… I am that lucky.

My better half introduced me to (MALIN+GOETZ) a few years back by innocently placing a bottle of peppermint shampoo in our shower.  Next, he bought three bars of their rum bar soap, which was among the bathroom products stocked in a fancy Santa Monica hotel at which he traveled.  Somewhat curious, but still not persuaded, I decided to google.  Soon, I was sending him to their Seventh Avenue store to purchase the detox mask and grapefruit face cleanser. Love love.

Then, just a few months ago, I found a tube of their mojito lip balm in his car. And, stole it. #SorryNotSorry

We made this gem a part of our goodie bag last Holiday Party.
We made this gem a part of our goodie bag last Holiday Party.

I admit that it’s rare to get so excited over a lip balm, but this one really is THAT good.  I don’t know if one can yet major in fatty acid absorption technology, but whatever the heck that is, it most certainly works. The unique texture of this product’s clear gel has a nifty little slip to it. It soothes dry lips immediately and hydrates throughout the day.  With the cold weather and indoor heat to deal with, it makes for a brilliant overnight treatment. Its subtle limey, minty taste is not too sweet.  It isn’t sticky nor will it make you glow in the dark, so we’re good there.

Its scent takes me back to my first mojito in 2002 at Isla in the West Village. The place no longer exists, but its Downing Street location was just a short walk down Seventh from the (MALIN+GOETZ) store. I’m amazed that I remember this much. Note to self:  mojitos creep up on you.

The brand’s packaging is also worth a mention:  clean and simple, but at the same time inspiring and non sterile.

The power couple behind (MALIN+GOETZ) is Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz. See what they did there? The products’ performance and overall aesthetic is reflected undeniably in Malin’s experience in the beauty industry and Goetz’s design background. The stores and counters are flawless, yet inviting–very apothecary from the future.

To celebrate the opening of their flagship store on March 1, 2004, (MALIN+GOETZ) is in a celebratory mood all month.  And, since being beautiful on the inside doesn’t hurt, congratulate them on Twitter or Instagram @malinandgoetz!  Enter to win a large gift box on their Facebook giveaway HERE.

The (MALIN+GOETZ) mojito lip balm retails for $12.
Buy your Mojito Lip Balm here!


Happy Birthday from Donatella - our very own Product Hound!
Happy Birthday from Donatella – our very own Product Hound!



  1. Naomi
    March 4, 2014 / 5:24 pm

    Love Malin+Goetz!

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