Fair Game – Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads

I am willing to bet my 16oz La Mer jar (for the face!) that the sales of self-tanning products easily quadruple around award season in the Los Angeles area alone.

There’s probably a sound scientific reason for this, like our all craving vitamin D during the winter months.  Whenever I look in the mirror, however, I want to be able to change filters like I can on Instagram with every blink.  I just want to be darker!  Something between Mayfair and Hefe would be ideal.

The winter we’ve been experiencing on the East Coast is expected to continue for at least another few weeks.  In fact, it might just never end.  Since we’re all wearing multiple layers, self-tanning one’s body this season is trickier than a Tori Spelling craft project.  So, let’s just focus on the face, shall we?

Self-tanning has now become a beauty category of its own with a range so wide, your tiny little head will spin. There are varying tints from which to choose, complicated formulas, and delivery systems with mitts and without, to name a few.  The latest invention is the gradual self-tanner, which completely boggles my mind. I want to look darker and thinner overnight. It’s a tan, not pregnancy.

I want a self tanner to cover all the bases, so that I can cut corners. This is why I am absolutely in love with the Alpha Beta Glow Pads from Dr. Dennis Gross. If you’re not familiar with the brand, don’t admit it. This is the brand that brought us the world’s greatest at-home facial peel “safe enough for daily use…”

My 20-pack of Glow Pads.
My 20-pack of Glow Pads.

The brilliant pad delivery system used in the signature Alpha Beta Peel gives the Glow Pad the starring role with its single use packets available in boxes of 8, 20 or 50 applications.  All you have to do is wash your face and swipe the Glow Pad around your face and neck. There is absolutely no scent and within a few hours you get some great color. There you have it, an exfoliating self tanner with anti aging benefits and Active Vitamin D. You can now stop looking and you’re welcome.

The tan you get from Dr Gross’ Glow Pad lasts a good 2-3 days on me and is completely streak-free. Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids offer the added benefit of cleaning out the pores and tighten the skin while microencapsulated DMA and soy protein work on the color. Don’t forget to wash your hands immediately after application.

If you’re flying long distances overnight, be sure to pack a few pads. When I’m on a return flight from a long trip, I hit the restroom before the seatbelt sign is off, clean my face with whatever travel pack of facial towelettes I have, and apply the Glow Pad. I dab on some moisturizer, and land in the morning looking like, “I’ve arrived”.

Ready to Glow!
Ready to Glow!

Here’s to hoping the paragraph above will make Dr Gross consider bringing the EZ4U wipes back.  #BestThingsEver

Dr Dennis Gross products are available at his ownsite www.dgskincare.com, Sephora and Nordstrom stores and other various online retailers (www.skinstore.com, etc). The Alpha Beta Glow Pads range in price from $32 to $65 depending on the number of applications you purchase.

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