TULA Pro-Glycolic™ 10% pH Resurfacing Gel


Combining their signature probiotic technology with one of my all time favorite skincare ingredients, TULA has just launched Pro-Glycolic™ 10% pH Resurfacing Gel. It joins the impressive line up of tightly edited complexion perfectors, whose gel like toner essence hybrid is quickly vying for staple status alongside the brand’s Exfoliating Treatment Mask. Two weeks in, my Glycolic Acid starved face is loving every drop.

Get there now.

What does it do?

Without getting too sciencey, our skin’s surface is composed of sebum and various acids, all produced by our sweat glands. This thin protective layer fights off environmental aggressors or potential infection causing bacteria naturally. Ideally slightly acidic, the desired pH level for our skin is at 4-5.5. 7 is considered neutral. The scale spans from 1 to 14.

After cleanser, before serum.

To avoid overdrying the skin during cleansing and to maximize its responsiveness to treatment products, the new TULA Pro-Glycolic™ 10% pH Resurfacing Gel restores peace within the skin, keeps it balanced, hydrated, and excited about the moisture that is to follow. Incredibly user friendly, this toner on roids fits every skincare regimen and is suitable for any skin type.

Single pump dose.

What’s in it?

Leading the superfood for your skin movement, TULA incorporates glycolic acid into its trademark probiotic blend to resurface, stabilize, and nourish the skin. Turmeric and Blueberry Extracts prevent inflammation and free radical damage while Mushroom and Beet Extracts are paired with Hyaluronic Acid to pump 400x more hydration into the skin than HA does by itself.


Almost weightless, the new pH Resurfacing Gel glides on and absorbs immediately without any stickiness. Potent yet non-aggressive, it never burns nor tingles, which makes it a great pick even for those with skin sensitivities. Among the perks worth mentioning is that it is alcohol and fragrance free. The texture and straightforward ingredient deck are very TULA. What to expect: a brighter, more even skin tone, refined pores, and noticeable radiance.

New staple.

How and when?

After cleansing either day or night, use a cotton pad to wipe it gently across the face with a cotton pad, wait a few seconds, and apply a moisturizer of choice. A single pump onto the palm of your hand is likely all you’ll need if you’d rather apply it directly to the skin. I prefer to use a pad to gain that extra boost of mechanical exfoliation. Currently loving these.

$34 (2.7 oz.) available at tula.com

*press sample

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