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Any dermatologist will tell you: sunscreen is the singular product that can delay signs of aging and make you look younger. Chances are you’ve strayed from SPF formulas because they feel thick, heavy, and leave behind a dreaded white cast makes you glow in the dark. Honey. That’s like, so ten years ago.

Invisible upon application. For reals.

This summer, I’ve partnered with EltaMD, the #1 Dermatologist-Recommended Professional Sunscreen Brand, to shed some light (no pun intended) on the importance of broad spectrum SPF in your skincare routine. I am convinced that after switching to my favorite sunscreens, you will actually look forward to applying it every morning. After all, effective protection against harmful UV rays is the ultimate anti-aging solution.

Micronized Actives

The Elta MD difference.

Since I write about the latest in the beauty industry, I receive an absurd amount of product. I’m not complaining! The truth is, however that I’d describe myself as bare minimalist with regard to my own skincare routine. The UltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 Tinted is the epitome of a perfect daily multitasker. For those who fear ‘tinted’, this is a sheer, most natural, subtle hint of color. Combined with its dewy finish, you’ll look instantly well-rested after application. Suitable for guys. Because this queen is still very much a dude.

Tinted. But subtle.

UV CLEAR – SPF but make it skincare

Active ingredients combine chemical and physical sunblocks in the facial formulas (Zinc Oxide and Octinoxate) to absorb and reflect damaging UV rays and infrared radiation. So much more than a simple sunscreen, EltaMD UV Clear makes for an excellent daily moisturizer. If your skin is like mine (combination, easily congested, slightly dull…), you will appreciate the complexion perfecting trifecta of pore-refining Niacinamide, deeply hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate and mildly exfoliating Lactic Acid. Can I get an amen for keeping these oil-free?

Both UV Clear formulas are sheer perfection.

I have yet to meet an EltaMD sunscreen I don’t enjoy using. There is no ghastly white or fluorescent purple sheen left behind and the product absorbs within seconds. Did I mention zero pilling? Never. Cosmetically elegant, the mineral based formulas are a great fit for every skin type and lifestyle.



What to expect?

If you’re new to sunscreen (shame on you! No, really – better late than never!) and have sun related damage related to your past, don’t expect to look ten years younger after only a week into your new regular SPF regimen. Reality bites. Daily UV protection won’t turn back time but it will hit the brakes on accelerated aging. Consistent use of EltaMD sunscreens will help you decrease the risk of skin cancer and any premature appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Cleanse, treat, hydrate, and protect. Always finish your routine with broad spectrum sunscreen. No exceptions.

Never without facial sunscreen.

But wait…

When is it ok to skip SPF? At night. If you’re thinking a cloudy day or spending most of your day indoors lets you off the hook, that’s a ‘no.’ Clouds block maybe 20% of UV rays; car or building windows only protect against UVB rays. So, unless you work or live in a cave, you always need broad spectrum sunscreen. Every single day. All year long. Sunscreen is not a summer exclusive. P.S. Snow covered landscapes look pretty but they also intensify UV damage by reflecting the rays.

Reapply after toweling off!

Summer Body (sort of)

Those who know me already know that I am athletically challenged, (love that Peleton bike though…) but lounging poolside covered in EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50? That’s an activity I fully endorse. My Eastern European descent makes me burn first and tan later so finding a workhorse of a body sunscreen is an absolute must during the summer months.

Heavy duty. Not heavy.

Packaged in an airless pump, the EltaMD UV Sport is perfect for every outdoor activity. The creamy texture can be thick but blends into the skin seamlessly with a dry touch afterfeel. Truly universal, the non-comedogenic formula is fragrance, oil, and paraben free, making it a safe option even for those of you with sensitivities. It’s water resistant (80 minutes), so you can apply it to wet or dry skin. Impressive and user friendly. Win win.

Win this broad spectrum trio!

Win your own EltaMD bundle!

Head over to my instagram feed for a chance to win one of three generous EltaMD UV bundles (each valued at $118). You will be able to enjoy every product covered in this post! In the brand’s word: have your fun in the sun – but play it safe! And honestly, with the plethora of ‘sun kissed’ options available, slather on SPF and glow up with a subtle bronzer.

Explore over fifteen of EltaMD sunscreen and find your ideal formula at eltamd.com/buy.

Stamp of approval.


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  1. BeautyandTheBoy
    August 17, 2018 / 2:10 pm

    I think it was this brand i wasnt too keen on because i saw a few of their SPFs said “chemical free” which kind of rubbed me the wrong way


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