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Rarely do I get to share my passion for a brand that has endured as long as Kneipp. Most likely new to you, this Bavarian range of bath and body essentials, is what my family has been using for… forever. One of my most vivid childhood memories growing up in Poland, was the jar of Pine & Fir Bath Salt, which was always a fixture in our bathroom. At 37, I still reach for the exact formula every time a cold is trying to get me down and the only way to improve my mood is to luxuriate a hot bath.

Had a blast at the Burlington, MA store!

Created by Sebastian Kneipp, one of the forefathers of aromatherapy and naturopathic medicine back in 1891, the namesake brand launched as a support pillar to his holistic hydrotherapy. A strong believer in the power of hot and cold water treatments, Kneipp utilized the perks of herbs, minerals, and essential oils to improve health and well-being.

That Warming Foot Balm though…

Fast forward 125 years and the brand continues to combine botany and dermatology with the latest in innovation and science to bring us exquisite, high performance formulas. Why am I more excited about Kneipp products now than ever before? Over the last few months, eight retail locations have opened up in the U.S. and with a seamless online experience, stocking up on my all-time favorites no longer requires a pit stop in Berlin during visits home. Pretty psyched, party of one here.

When in Germany…

Where to begin?

Totally your call. Offering bath, body and skincare, Kneipp is studded with options to elevate your mood, fight body fatigue, bring zen to the chaos, or soothe achy joints and overworked muscles. Using only responsibly sourced raw materials, each ingredient is harvested at its peak to deliver optimal benefits. My enthusiasm for the countless bottles of every hue found in nature is limitless as I continue exploring the ever growing range. Pure, pimarily vegan, and totally addicting, below is a brief rundown of what are now my absolute non-negotiables.



Facial oils have definitely been enjoying their ‘moment’ in the beauty industry of late. It is crucial, however, that we extend the sublime care they provide, beyond the neck. Catering to every frame of mind, options include bath oils (do not disturb), body oils (me time), and massage oils (things couples do). Pick from fragrant florals like Almond Blossom or soothing botanicals such as Lavender, Primrose or Arnica, and enjoy an experience that transcends basic aromatherapy.


Personally, I keep my body oil in the shower and apply it on damp skin before patting myself dry. Acting as a carrier, the water droplets ensure you will never feel greasy nor oily before getting dressed or hitting the sheets.

Another tip for those living in small spaces: use a capful of a fragrant bath oil (the uplifting Mandarin & Orange is great for that) in a sink filled with very hot water fifteen minutes before guests arrive. The subtle aroma will linger after you drain it.

When you want them all…

In-Shower vs. Bath

With shower gel, foam, and scrub options, a Kneipp daily shower routine is anything but mundane. Serving only luxurious textures and consistencies, formulas nourish and soften the skin with spot on true to flora scents. All ingredients are natural and contain no artificial additives. Think opulent at-home spa moment without the sticker shock. Surprisingly affordable.

Single use packets are a great way to try the brand! And when you love them, perfect for travel.

For those who enjoy a relaxing soak to erase every trace of a long day, the Mineral Bath Salt option is a must-try. Sourced in an ancient underwater saltwater sea in central Germany, the purifying ingredient is mined using traditional methods and letting the collected brine evaporate naturally. Only then are they ready to absorb the potent essential oils. Did I mention it is the last facility of its kind? Kudos for this whole new level of authentic.

Dream Away…


Completely new to me, Kneipp skincare is now on my Spring/Summer radar. Just this weekend, I treated myself to a much needed ‘Reactivation’ Face Mask from the Lady’s Mantle line. The creamy blend revitalized and soothed my overindulged holiday complexion within minutes. During my visit to the gorgeous Kneipp store at the Burlington, MA mall a few days ago, I could not stop playing with the Almond Blossom formulas. Catering to dry or aging skin types, it just happens to feature one of the most ethereal aromas.



In partnership with Action Against Hunger, an organization that provides ‘Grower Starter Kits’ for communities in need, Kneipp is donating part of the proceeds from each ‘Soft In Seconds’ hand cream purchase to match a collective donation of $15,000. While I personally adore the Avocado and Verbena treatment, you can also get involved without making a purchase. Take a selfie with the Snapchat flower crown filter or a real flower crown, upload it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #KneippGrows and Kneipp will contribute to this amazing cause. The campaign wraps up this Earth Day, April 22 so hurry up and selfie away!

One of the best hand creams in my stash…
Don’t forget to smize.

Lastly, if you live anywhere near the Kneipp retail stores, check them out for impeccable service and fabulous hands on (literally) demonstrations. You will do damage! Enjoy every minute. Those who prefer online shopping, sign up for the Kneipp newsletter – the web exclusive deals are hard to beat. They’re currently running a great Shower Foam and Travel-Size Oils promo!

in-store special$

Explore and indulge at!

*This post is branded content for which I was compensated. That said, Kneipp is a brand I believe in. I have been a fan for over thirty years and partnering with them has been a highlight of my blogging venture.

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