Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum

Fact: my skin has never been prone to redness. Like at all. Rarely, if ever, has there been a product that triggers unwanted redness or sensitivity. So it’s no surprise I have minimal interest in the ‘redness reducing’ product category. Over the last year however, wearing masks, having an extra glass of wine (or two) at dinner, and constantly trialing new retinoids, there have been more mornings when I wake up to redder and puffier skin than I’d like. So when the new Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Redness Relief Serum arrived, I decided to introduce it into my morning routine immediately. First impressions below! 

What is it?

Unlike the rest of the Avocado family, the new serum is not a sleeping formula (aka for PM use only) and is not powered by Retinol. This lightweight, silky solution is meant to nourish, soothe, and calm skin that is irritated or inflamed — day or/and night. It also helps restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, prevent moisture loss, and provide antioxidant protection. In short, this is a solution-driven multi-tasker that just sounds good to have on hand for skin-mergencies, right? The user friendly texture makes it suitable for all skin types.

What’s in it?

Staying on theme, the new serum is, of course, serving up a healthy dose of Avocado Extract *and* Butter. These nourishing botanicals lock in moisture to ensure the skin feels soft and comfortable. Next up are Ceramides aka lipids that occur naturally in our skin but weaken as we age. They’re the grout in between the cells and we desperately want to keep them strong, which is what this newness delivers. There are also soothing Allantoin, Rice Bran Milk and a cornucopia of glow-boosting superfoods like Turmeric, Ginger, Apple, Cucumber, Melon, and Raspberry, to name a few. P.S. with absolutely no added fragrance, the new serum somehow manages to smell like a juicy honeydew. Love that. 

Application, layering, etc

Of the Glow Recipe serums I have tried, the Avocado formula may have become my second favorite…after Plum Plump. Personally, I found the Watermelon Glow Dew Drops a tad heavy, which delivered just as heavy a blow to my heart because I wanted to love that Niacinamide laced formula more than you can imagine. Since the Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum has a very lightweight texture and absorbs in mere seconds, it works great over any water-based serum and underneath your day or night moisturizer. There is no pilling after sunscreen, which for me, is the ultimate test. Right now, the Glow Recipe newness fits into my morning routine on an as-needed basis and with two pumps per application, I am going through the bottle quickly. Two thumbs up for me. 

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