Glossier Body Hero Duo – Millennial Pink finally looks good on me

got it for the larger pink pouch FYI

Millennial pink usually looks terrible on me, the Glossier Body Hero duo actually proves otherwise. Sort of. The new daily use formulas, Oil Wash and Perfecting Cream, take self care below the neck to cleanse and moisturize in and out of the shower. Visually appealing in that minimalist way, the no-nonsense newness burst on the scene with a body positive campaign of which other brands should take note.

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First impressions:

  • Two weeks in, the first thing I notice is that I’m days away from running out of both the wash and cream.
  • Skin. Feels. Great.
  • The unique scent, texture, and overall performance have me wishing larger size options were available. For less.

Oil Wash

Is nice. There is a chance you already have experienced oil cleansers for the bod either via the posh L’OCCITANE Almond formula or with Eucerin for those who went the drugstore route. Unlike face cleansing oil, it’s a bit tricky to apply to dry skin before adding water. How awkward would it be to step into the shower, oil up, and then turn on the water… which runs cold for the first 15 seconds AT LEAST?

Luckily, body cleansing oils go on wet skin where they transform into milky lather that rinses off and leaves the skin feeling clean and ultra soft. Glossier Oil Wash serves up Neroli Orange Blossom realness that some compare to a French pharmacy baby cologne. Those of you familiar with the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm will find the scent almost identical, but lighter. For the guys reading this, nothing will replace a great bar of soap (manly bits and all) but this blend of plant oils and surfactants prevents the skin from drying and elevates the cleansing experience. Consider how much you use in a single wash, the $18 price is a bit steep. The red bottle stopper is cute, but still…

Body Cream

With a consistency that can be described as almost buttery, this body moisturizer is thick, rich, and surprisingly fast absorbing. As someone with chronically dry elbows, especially during this time of year, I am thrilled to report the Daily Perfecting Cream delivers lasting comfort without even a hint of slippery, greasy after-feel. Some say the moisturizer pills on them, but I find it very user friendly—and that’s on my pretty hairy body.

fastest drying

What’s in it? Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cactus Flower, Tamarind, and Yucca Extracts are among the many nourishing botanicals. A touch of Mica gives off the most subtle sheen. Dimethicone is indeed the second ingredient on deck, but there isn’t the slippery factor I encounter (and dread) in products that contain it. It absorbs in seconds and leaves the skin feeling soft for hours. The scent is more powdery than the Oil Wash, but the Neroli note is prominent even though the aroma is significantly lighter. I almost wish it was as intense as the wash but that’s because I cannot get enough of Neroli. Ever.


The Glossier Body Hero duo is a pleasant surprise even taking its hefty price tag into account. Since fragrance is so personal, this is bound to be hit or miss depending on your take on Neroli. Get both for the bundle price of $35. Separately, the Oil Wash is $18 and Body Cream $22. Each is 250ml in size. Available at


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