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Bart’s Box

Real talk: I never ‘got’ subscription boxes. When you live in NYC, all you need is to demonstrate genuine interest while window shopping and you instantly score a deluxe sample of anything grooming related. Sales associates are eager to send you home with a handful of things to try without the pressure to make a purchase. Well, we left the city a few years ago and let me tell you: suburbia is a whole new playing field on every level. When it comes to shopping, there rules can be savage.


While I love everything about my new rural life, I long for the spontaneous walk up Broadway to check out skincare newness in Bloomingdale’s Soho. That was a brief half-hour episode. Today, I have to get my ass in the car, drive two hours, look for parking, get a parking ticket anyway, and drive home. So, instead, I opt for a monthly $10 BirchboxMan delivery.

What is BirchboxMan?

Many ask, ‘why would you ever pay for samples’? The monthly BirchboxMan delivery represents so much more than the *five* travel size products it includes. You’re saving time by skipping the retail experience, which let’s be honest, can go either way. You are also bound to try and explore formulas that would not get on your grooming radar otherwise. Most importantly, you get to upgrade your skin, body or hair care game by finding a new staple. If all else fails, at least your gym bag or Dopp kit get some handy new products.

$10 haul

How does BirchboxMan work?

You begin by responding to a quick questionnaire that helps identify your goals, habits, and needs. We may all put pants on one leg at a time, but our grooming preferences vary vastly. After determining skin type, hair concerns, skill level, and priorities, a custom kit of five formulas arrives at your doorstep each month. Having been gifted a box recently, I’m happy to share a quick overview of its contents…

Let’s talk shaving…
Not all boxes are created equal.

Kiehl’s “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap

You can’t go wrong with a moisturizing and exfoliating bar soap for the shower. It smells fresh, leaves me clean, and at half the retail size, it is a great opportunity to test before committing to a purchase.

Kiehl’s = a man’s best friend


Anthony Facial Scrub

A perfect morning treat, this zesty citrus exfoliator lifts your facial hair for a closer shave while at the same time removing cell buildup from the surface of the skin. For those with oilier skin or for anyone who lives in a humid climate, it doubles as a cleanser.

Actual white sand from Bora Bora in this bottle…

Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

Suitable for any skin type, this invigorating face cleanser is a great opener to any grooming regimen. Gentle, non-foaming, and impressive in performance, it is great for those who deal with congested pores or dull tone.

Always game to try new to me things!

Marlowe No. 123 Men’s Facial Moisturizer

I’ve seen this brand at Target for months and was thrilled to spot it in my BrichboxMan Box. Since guys often neglect this step, moisturizing is crucial and this user-friendly formula has a clean scent and lightweight texture. No shine left behind. Two thumbs up.

Love Jack Black

Jack Black All-Over Wipes for Face & Body

Infused with Vitamin E, Aloe, and Chamomile, these sturdy cloths are a must-have in your travel kit. Use in-flight or after a long day before you head out for drinks to freshen up in seconds. Bonus points for individual packaging.

I think you should do it…

Once a month, you’ll receive a new assortment of grooming needs. Ten bucks covers very little in the real world, so think of Your BirchboxMan as a treat and well-deserved boost to your self-care routine. There is no extra shipping charge and you can cancel anytime. Items in your shipment are also available full size at the Birchbox online store when you’re ready to invest. A six-month cycle is $54 when you use code MEN54 at checkout.

Visit for more details.

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