My Favorite Drugstore Grooming Find (I Sheet You Not)

Greetings from Portland, Maine where I just discovered my new favorite travel-sized grooming product. After unpacking the 23894 tubes and jars I brought with me for the weekend, I realized I had forgotten to pack the one item both my husband and I use daily: shaving cream. Since I’m always the first to welcome a drugstore shopping challenge, I visited the local CVS where I found (and already stocked up on) Cremo Shave Sheets. You guys, this stuff is genius. 

At first, I was like shave sheets? I’m all about blotting sheets, sheet masks… I have even used something called shower sheets on a trip to Costa Rica. But shave sheets sounded very new. Even to me and I’m rarely intrigued. Turns out this TSA-approved and ultra convenient concept is the way to shave while away. And if you have ever had a shaving cream or foam come undone in your luggage, you will have a newfound appreciation for Cremo Shave Sheets. 

The slim case easily fits in your pocket and holds 30 single use sheets. Each thin sheet is actually a piece of paper covered in a coconut oil based solution. After water is added, it transforms into a rich lather which softens facial hair and preps the skin for a close shave. Simply wet your hands and rub the sheet in your palms before applying the lather to the face. I haven’t tried them south of my face, But I am sure they’d be as effective on the legs or underarms. The lather rinses off clean and leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized. 

All that’s left after you use the shave sheet is a crumpled piece of wet paper that you dispose of (totally flushable). Normally, I wouldn’t get this excited about a single use product since, typically, they’re not environmentally friendly. Don’t sharpen your pitchforks just yet though. The Cremo sheets are not packaged individually (somehow, they manage not to stick together; just don’t get them wet) and they’re made of paper which almost completely disintegrates. Two big thumbs up for their convenience and efficacy. 

$7.99 at CVS but the store in Portland, ME had them on a crazy 75% off sale bringing the price down to $1.99 (so I cleared the shelf)


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