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Two weeks short of two years ago (I combed through my inbox to double check so yes, I do have receipts), I spent an afternoon chatting all things skincare with Chanel Jenae, the co-founder of ARCONA. It was at that quiet table in the back of a NYC restaurant that I first tried a lab sample of Cerise + C Facial Oil. To reinforce the saying ‘good things come to those who wait’ is an understatement. The exquisite formula launched this week and I am ecstatic to tell you why and how most skin types can benefit from this brand new treatment. To make this launch even more exciting, I have partnered with the brand so that one of you can win a trio of my all time favorite ARCONA products — including this dreamy face oil. Keep reading! 

What is Cerise + C?

The beauty of the new Cerise + C Facial Oil lies in its multifaceted performance. Carefully formulated to protect and restore skin’s protective barrier, the lightweight solution also addresses and corrects some of the most frustrating signs of aging such as loss of firmness, overall dullness, and hyperpigmentation. Think of it as your antioxidant shield against the damaging effects of the environment that delivers an intense dose of moisture on contact but that also brightens the skin over time. Best of all, it easily fits into your morning or evening routine and plays well with other products. Read: I’ve had no pilling or absorption issues. That’s major. 

What’s in it?

The standout ingredients here are Squalane, Vitamin C, and botanical extracts of Cutleaf Groundcherry as well as Rosa Damascena Flower Oil. Sugar Cane derived Squalane helps replenish the skin’s supply of this essential lipid (our bodies produce Squalene) to sustain that bouncy firmness we so crave as we get older. Cerise + C is a superb moisture magnet that plumps fatigued, stressed skin in a single application. 

The new ARCONA face oil uses Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate as its brightening superstar, which unlike the pure form of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), is oil soluble. Since our skin is rich in essential fatty acids, this oil penetrates more effectively and delivers the sought after radiance. If you struggle with uneven skin tone or stubborn spots, it is crucial to add a Vitamin C formula to your regimen.

Fans of clean beauty may have encountered Cutleaf Groundcherry under its other name, Indian Gooseberry. In addition to offering an impressive cornucopia of antioxidants, it is also known for remarkable calming and soothing properties. Rosa Damascena Flower Oil lends its plant-powered anti-aging perks to help with skin inflammation and chronic dryness. This well-rounded ingredient deck offers the perfect solution for all skin types (maybe with the exception of those prone to acne). Cerise + C is not the bright red implied in the name— the oil has a slightly golden hue. For those concerned about fragrance (which is prominent in ARCONA’s Wine Oil): it is very faint with a subtle rose note. 

How & When

Oils can be tricky to master, especially if you’re new to them. Most prefer to use face oil as the last step in their skincare routine to seal in the moisture. After years of experimenting, my combination skin thrives when I mix an oil with a water based serum or apply it on a (heavy-handedly) misted face. On me, oils absorb better this way. This technique also ensures my skin never feels greasy or looks shiny. 

Days into introducing Cerise + C into my routine, I am enjoying it both during the AM and PM. At night, I cleanse, exfoliate, and mix a few drops of the new oil with a couple of pumps of Magic White Ice. This particular combination results in my waking up with balanced and seriously glowing skin. When used during the day, I can successfully layer an SPF over Cerise + C (and may I please suggest you check out the newly reformulated ARCONA Reozone SPF40 which is a tinted sunscreen dream come true). Helpful tip: when it comes to oils, less is more. Also important: apply oil by warming a few drops in your palms and press into the skin. Do not rub. 

Win my ARCONA favorites!

Since I really really really want you to try the new Cerise + C Facial Oil, ARCONA is happy to share my current favorite trio with one lucky reader! Head over to my Instagram page by clicking here and follow instructions in the post. The winner will receive the brand new face oil alongside two full size products I can’t get enough of: Cranberry Gommage and Magic White Ice (all full-size!). Good luck!

Cerise + C Facial Oil ($68) is now available at arcona.com

*this post has been sponsored by the brand. I have been an ARCONA enthusiast for over a decade and assure you that my opinion is in no way influenced by this working relationship.


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