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I know I’m not the only one who has lost track of which day it is. But I am pretty certain April is just around the corner, which means Boxwalla is about to ship their latest beauty box. If you’re staying home and need some cheering up, I fully support your decision to treat yourself. This month, the box features Monastery, a new- to-me small batch brand from San Francisco. What’s in it? Two full size products which honestly, sound ideal for every skin type. Say hello to XX Rose Glycolic Gel and Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost. 

Founded by Athena Hewett, an aesthetician for over twenty years, Monastery is powered by the efficacy of botanicals and inspired by her Greek heritage. Think eco-luxe pharmacy minimalism and truly elegant formulas. Since exfoliating and hydrating are both crucial steps in everyone’s skincare routine, the XX and Aloe should fit seamlessly into your current line up. 


Monastery uses Glycolic Acid in this leave-on nighttime gel since it’s the most studied AHA in the world of skincare. Fused in a luscious base of Rose Water, the 10% concentration of this key ingredient (derived from Sugarcane, Beets, and Pineapple) works to gently resurface the upper layer of the skin, leaving it smooth, bright, and glowing. If you’re struggling with post-acne hyperpigmentation spots, Glycolic Acid can help you lighten them up over time. Besides the intoxicating (but not heady as rose can be) aroma, I am impressed with how great this gel-serum absorbs.

When, how, etc.

Since AHA can trigger sensitivity to the sun, I’ve been using this Monastery formula at night. If you are nervous about Glycolic Acid, you can buffer it by mixing XX with a hydrating serum. Personally, I find the Rose Water to be a genius ingredient pairing since it not only softens the exfoliating action but works double time for my skin. You will experience no redness, tingling or irritation. The gel texture dries incredibly quickly so I like to seal it with a richer moisturizer or a face oil. Having used Glycolic for close to two decades, I am confident in saying this is one of the most decadent and effective formulas available for nightly at-home use. 


Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost is slightly more opaque and a tad more runny in its texture than XX. And while the label mentions ‘moisture’, I can’t help but think they spelled ‘hydration’ incorrectly. Similar to the Glycolic gel, this one dries in half a second. It’s kind of incredible. The ingredient deck is straightforward: two varying-in-weight forms of Hyaluronic Acid suspended in a juicy base of Aloe Vera with a dash of Clary Sage Oil, which will calm the skin and prevent inflammation. 

When, how, etc.

The beauty of Monestary’s Aloe lies in its versatility. You can use it during the day or at night. It mixes great with other serums or oils for those into cocktailing their skincare products. Since my preference is to mix a face oil with a water-based serum, I’ve been turning to Aloe as my go-to of late. When used solo, it delivers an instant burst of hydration and soothes parched, irritated skin on contact. The calming scent of Clary Sage and White Camphor is faint and doesn’t linger. 

If you’re new to Boxwalla, they offer bi-monthly (every two months, not twice a month) delivery of the most impressive skincare finds. In addition to broadening our self-care horizons, their luxurious picks are brought to us at seriously tempting prices. This month, the Monastery duo is valued at $153. When you sign up for Boxwalla, yours is only $49.95. Available at


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