New & Improved: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro

While the internationally coveted Advanced Night Repair is without a doubt the most iconic serum from Estēe Lauder, the Idealist and Perfectionist formulas have been my on and off staples for over a decade. The first one delivered glass-like smoothness to my im-pore-fect complexion and the latter helped correct early signs of aging, which include fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Newness alert!

Launching this month, the new Perfectionist Pro is replacing its predecessor. Having received a bottle over a month ago, I cannot say enough good things about this upgrade. The richer formula is indeed perfection and immediately comforts the few dry patches in this 37-year-old’s combination skin. Keywords: extra moisture. A major perk this time of year.

The ‘pro’ factor.

To be perfectly honest (pun very much intended), anytime a skincare re-launch includes the Pro prefix, all I think of is blah blah blah science science science blah blah blah. Luckily, the Perfectionist Pro is incredibly straightforward in its innovation. Featuring wrinkle arresting Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, also known as Argireline, the newness focuses on plumping, lifting, and softening the skin for a more youthful appearance. The addition of Alpha Hydroxy Acids promotes radiance and that freshly exfoliated glow.

silky & lightweight

If you’ve used Perfectionist before, you may notice the Pro version is just a little bit richer in texture. Personally, I love the step up in the moisture/hydration department. Hovering between a serum and a lotion but with the same satisfying result that you’d get from a cushiony face oil application, the formula instantly plumps up any dehydrated areas and sustains your comfort level for hours.

pro by night

My thoughts.

Even more great news? Not only is the new Perfectionist Pro gentle and effective, it is safe to use around the eyes. Why does this thrill me so much? Even tho I’m less expressive than most (I smize), that delicate area around the eyes is the first to exhibit signs of aging. Overall, I am *very* happy with the latest Lauder serum. Since AHAs are present, I typically use it before my night cream (or oil of choice).

daytime pairing

When I opt to use it during the day, I always follow it with a broad spectrum SPF to avoid accelerated sun damage. Yes, there is fragrance and yes, there are silicones – luckily, my complexion is oblivious to both, but take note if you lean in the direction of extreme sensitivities.

Available at, the new Perfectionist Pro retails for $75 (30ml) and $108 (50ml).

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